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5 Major Warning Signs of an Impending Building Collapse In Nigeria

Building Collapse

Recently, the Nigerian housing landscape has become home to quite a troubling amount of building collapse, which many are quick to attribute to the ‘devil’, poor structural features or the contractors who built it. The sheer amount of billions and sometimes lives that have been lost during the last decade or so, to these building collapses are a cause for ...

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15 House Hunting Struggles Only Nigerians Can Relate To

15 House Hunting Struggles Most Nigerians Can Relate To

This list is a compilation of things most Nigerians who have gone house hunting sometime in the past have probably experienced. Please note that this list is my own light attempt at humour and trying to make you laugh after a hard day at work. Laughter as they say, is the best medicine; so feel free to laugh. House hunting ...

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Real Estate Agent: 9 Motivational Quotes To Keep You Fired Up

Real Estate Agents: 9 Motivational Quotes To Keep You Fired Up

Need some motivational real estate quotes? Here are 10 quotes that’ll inspire you to greatness. As we go about our busy day-to-day routines, it can be easy to fall into the trap of just “going through the motions.” I’ve found that one of the easiest, fastest ways to jump out of this rut is a good quote. Considering other people’s unique ...

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Top 10 Most Expensive Secondary Schools In Lagos

Chrisland Schools - Top Secondary Schools

This article is a compilation of top secondary schools in Lagos and features the best schools you may want to consider enrolling your kids into. Searching for the right secondary schools in Lagos for your kids after you just moved into a new neighborhood can be a pretty daunting task. To most people, education is that magic key that opens that hypothetical door ...

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How to Invest In Real Estate Using Little Money In Nigeria

Invest in real estate | returns on real estate investment

This article was written to show you how you can invest in real estate using little money in Nigeria. Note that this method is quite simple to implement and has been proven times without number as a cash cow for very few wise investors. Dear Friend, I’m sure you’ve heard it mentioned somewhere before that one cannot really be said ...

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Babatunde Fashola gives contractors ultimatum to finish road projects

Babatunde Fashola gives contractors ultimatum to finish road projects

The minister of works, power and housing, Mr. Babatunde Fashola has given contractors ultimatum to complete the federal road projects in Yakubu Dogara, the House of Representatives Speaker’s hometown. Fashola gave the ultimatum order that they should complete all the projects before ending of May 2019 while on inspection tour to Bogoro LGA of Bauchi state. He said the APC administration ...

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Facts Only: 7 Most Expensive Homes In Nigeria Currently

aliko Dangote House - Most Expensive Homes In Nigeria

In this new article, I will be focusing on bringing you facts about the most expensive homes in Nigeria with picture proofs as well. We’re in a country where everyone is trying their best to outdo the person next to them, be it a friend, colleague or foe. Nowhere is this best showcased than in the real estate space, where ...

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