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Proven Low Cost Housing Strategies to Construct Your House

If you are searching for proven low cost housing strategies to construct your house, then take time to digest this article.
I will be sharing with you some proven tips that will help you to construct affordable income apartment with ease.

Most middle and low income earners aspiring to become landlords are getting frustrated because of different forms of challenges manifesting in the country’s economy.

These challenges centred on the high cost of building materials, cost, time and near impossible processes involved in secure good title, problems encountered while trying to get loans from banks, settling problems with the so called omo oniles.

If you manage to resolve the aforementioned, the challenge of erecting the house, which is rather high and alarming, will now, be starring you in the face.

For example, a bag of cement for instance cost N2,000 on the average, while some government officials could insist on collecting bribe before processing land documents for people.



According to National Director, Habitat for Humanity Nigeria, Ezekiel Ojo says that Nigeria requires additional 16 million houses to address the housing needs of her teeming population.

He dropped this hint while handing over 100 housing units to the beneficiaries in an MTN sponsored housing scheme in Nassarawa state.

Despite these problems, the prominent real estate companies in Nigeria have been proffering solutions to help middle class and low income earners to build affordable housing apartment without stress.

It’s important to note that these strategies will work for you only if you are committed to the project; because it will demand financial sacrifices. But your level of commitment will allow you to close your eyes to some luxuries to achieve your dream of owning a low cost housing


<b>Below are some proven tips you can apply to achieve your dream of building a low cost housing apartment with ease:</b>

<b>Opportunity to Spread Land Payment:</b> If you cannot afford to make outright payment for the land of your choice. Many of the prominent real estate companies provide an alternative method to spread payment for the land for about 12-24 months and sometimes over.

You can take advantage of such opportunity to buy land and pay a token either from your salary or business as the case may be. After completing the payment, you can gradually commence the construction of your house.

In my company, Realty Point Limited, we have hundreds of our clients that apply this strategy to build low cost housing apartment. Today, they have succeeded in sacking their landlords and owning a house.

<b>Join a Housing Co-operative Society:</b> One proven strategies of building an affordable housing apartment is by joining a housing co-operative society.

As a member, you are offer loans with low interest rate. This form of housing loans has helped many people to finance their house project with ease.

How it works is that co-operative society members pool resources together to finance the construction of low cost housing apartment for members.

It is a way out of shelter problem. It foster togetherness, provides and puts available resources at the doorsteps of members to actualize home ownership.

This form of loan helps affordability

Design Economy:

Ensure that the architect designing the plan for your house focuses on essentials such as the sitting, dining room(s) and kitchen. Areas such as laundry, extra family lounge, etc are not necessities and can be omitted.

The sizes of the house also must be appropriate because the bigger a house or an apartment the more the cost of construction. For example, in order to achieve low income house, a 3 bedroom house should not be occupying more than between 80 -90sqm.

Use Professionals for each aspect of the project:

The key to the success of low cost housing strategy is to use professionals for each aspect of the project.

One of the ways people lose money when they are building their houses is by enlisting the services of quacks in place of professionals. You can negotiate a professional’s fee rather than avoiding his services altogether.

To get quality job done on your project, you will have to look for very good workmen and ensure they have quality supervision. Do not use a bricklaying expert to supervise roofing otherwise; you may end up with shoddy job.

Finally, do regular monitoring and supervision of your low cost housing project. That will help you to save money you could have lost to labourers and artisans.

In subsequent articles, I will be sharing other aspects of low cost housing strategies and building a house of your dream.


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