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Residents fault Lagos over unlawful takeover of their landed property

Managing Director of Chief E. O. Ashamu Estate warns impostors

According to The Nation, the Managing Director of Chief E. O. Ashamu Estate, Mr. Babatunde Ashamu, has warned the public from transacting business with people he called “fraudulent agents” encroaching on his property.

The property are located in parts of Lagos, including Oke-Afa, Eletuwashe lands, Ojomo farm land, NNPC, Akinbaye lands, Ishaga farm lands, Kushoru farm lands, Okota land Magbelesu farm land, Omonigbeni farm land, Akinsanya farm lands and Rawafarm land.

Others are: Ifoshin farm land, Ashade lands, Ishoru, Magodo farm land, Alashe farm land, Egan-Igando farm land, Igbesa farm land, Elemo land and Isolo and Ejigbo.

The businessman said his firm, an estate agency, sells and buys land.

In a statement, Ashamu said: “It has been brought to our notice that some people have been parading themselves as representatives of the administrator of Chief E. O. Ashamu Estate. They are using this to fraudulently collect money, which they did not remit to our office. We have contacted security agents and reputable lawyers to investigate the matter. Anyone found culpable will face the wrath of the law.”

He said there would be a verification on land title with documents and confirmation of payments.

According to him, the sole agent appointed by the company is Tassan and Bullman Investments Limited, which will be in charge of all transactions on the sites.

Source: The Nation

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