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Why a Part-Time Maid is Better Than a Live-In Maid

The rate at which strangers brought into a family to live as maids commit atrocities against people they ought to be serving, you won’t need a soothsayer to tell you that a part-time maid is better than a live-in maid. In this article we discuss “why a part-time maid is better than a live-in maid.

Having a maid comes with a lot of merits but there are unforeseen demerits associated with it. However, there are significant differences between having a full-time and a part-time maid. A full time maid means you have to cope with living with a stranger under the same roof and catering for an extra person.

As inconsequential as it may seem, it takes a lot to welcome the idea of accommodating a stranger especially when you don’t know that person’s background.

You have to deal with managing a full-time maid because they will be leaving in your home 24/7 unlike a part-time maid who won’t always be around except when she has to come in to work.

Depending on your location, it can get pretty expensive hiring a maid. So ask yourself, are you financially stable enough to handle all the costs and allowances that having a full-time maid requires? In some cases, you’ll be better off hiring a part-time maid and then doing the other chores yourself or with your family.

Sometimes, a member of the family or even more than one member may not be cool with the maid living with them. This can cause a bit of tension and wrongdoings

There are many ways around not having to employ the services of a maid who would have to live in your home. It is usually not a wise decision especially in homes where there are kids. Maids do have a lot of influence on kids and often times there have been bitter experiences involving kids and live-in maids.

We have seen instances where babies or toddlers have suffered one form of molestation or the other because the parents placed their babies entirely under the watch of those cruel maids

Having a house cleaning, part-time maid will save you the hassle of finding a maid to stay with you at home. And for people who would like to have their own privacy, part time maid will be the best solution.

Having a full time maid has both merits and demerits. Essentially, choosing to have a full time maid might leave you worried whether you can trust the maid. Her character might be bad, for instance she may be associating with criminals or in a love relationship without you knowing or even gets pregnant in the process.

Besides, you will have to offer her food as well as all her basic requirements. The moment you suspect that your maid has bad reputation, you will attempt to change her. However, the process is quite involving. Having a full time maid is not a bad idea, however the problem is getting a good maid.

That notwithstanding it’s better you go for a maid who won’t be living with you, your hubby and your kids, so you won’t always have to be on your toes because a stranger is in your home.

To protect your family, it is best you go for a part-time maid who would have to sleep and wake up in your house. A maid who only comes around to clean up the home and tidies the house. It’s better safe than sorry.

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