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Mistakes of a Real Estate Investor

Mistakes of a real estate investor

Though real estate investment can be highly profitable, it can as well be tricky and quite complex. In this article, we would take a look at common mistakes of a real estate investor in an attempt to break the banks. Even in our present recession people are still investing in real estate, foreclosure crisis persists and mistakes are still being ...

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Why the Building and Construction Industry in Nigeria is Indispensable

construction industry

The Building and Construction industry is very crucial in any nation’s social and economic development. This article gives an overview of the building and construction industry in Nigeria. The building and construction industry in Nigeria has come of age. There are many factors responsible for the high importance of this industry. Apart from the sector’s potential with respect to employment ...

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The Challenges of Public Housing Delivery in Nigeria

housing problem in Nigeria

This article attempts to examine the problem and challenges of public housing delivery in Nigeria. It highlights the nature and dimension of Nigeria’s housing problems. Housing is one of the three basic needs of mankind and it is the most important for the physical survival of man after the provision of food. Adequate housing contributes to the attainment of physical ...

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Land Use Act: The trend of land acquisition by host Government

Land acquisition

It is debatable that the Nigerian Land Use Act of 1978 has not absolutely transferred ownership of land to the Governor of states in Nigeria. In this article, we look at the trend of  Land Acquisition by host Government. It is argued that the citizens have no rights or interest over the land in the country beyond their occupation because ...

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The Travails of a Lagos Tenant

Tenant in Lagos

Getting an accommodation in the city of excellence is never a walk in the park. In most cases a tenant in Lagos does pass through thick and thin to find shelter because of the competitive nature of the city which is the fastest growing city in Africa, with a population of over 21 million people. In this piece, Solomon Izuagie,a ...

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LAWMA and Poor Waste Management Practices in Lagos State

In June, Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode launched CLI – an abbreviation for Cleaner Lagos Initiative and the Lagos Environmental Sanitation Corps, LAGESC, to alleviate the problem of environmental pollution in Lagos state. In this article, we look at the poor waste management practices in Lagos that led to the introduction of CLI and LAGESC in line with world practices. ...

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What You Should Know About Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)


A Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is an organization that engages in financing and investing in real estate directly, either through mortgages or properties thus generating a high level of income, diversification and long-term capital appreciation for investors. This article educates us on the function of REITs. REITs can be public, private and non-listed but most REITs are listed on ...

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Unmasking the Future of Real Estate in Nigeria

housing industry

As professionals and stakeholders in the Nigerian Housing Sector has always clamoured , there is no platform as strong and promising for the transformation of the Nigerian economy as the real estate/ housing development sector. In this article we unmask the future of real estate development in Nigeria. The potentials of real estate are so huge, one only needs to ...

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