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2015 Nigeria Real Estate Report & Forecast for 2016

2015 Nigeria Real Estate Report

2015 NIGERIA REAL ESTATE REPORT & FORECAST FOR 2016 It’s no longer news that Real Estate is one of the fastest growing and most lucrative sectors in Africa and anywhere else in the world. It currently contributes up to 8% of Nigeria’s GDP, and looks to expand in the coming years. How well did the real estate sector fare in ...

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Where Do You Consider As The Best Place To Live?

The best place to live

Where’s the best place to live? That depends on what’s important to you. Location is of paramount concern for most people when choosing a new home. That’s why it’s crucial to have accurate facts and specifics about places and new communities so you can make an informed decision. This article looks at least 6 factors the average Nigerian should consider ...

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Are We Adhering To The Lagos Tenancy Law?

The Lagos tenancy law

Since the Lagos Tenancy law was promulgated in 2011, it remains to be seen if there’s been full adherence to the law. In this article we will take a look at some of the aspects of the law where landlords have been found wanting. These are offences that shouldn’t even arise with or without the law in place. The problem ...

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Nigeria’s Land Use Act And The Common Man

Land acquisition

Since the enactment of  Nigeria’s Land Use Act in 1978, there have been many outcries concerning it. The controversy surrounding the Act is as heated as the corruption war of the Buhari administration. This article views the gains and the loss of Nigeria’s Land Use Act and how it affects the average Nigerian. Nigeria the pearl of the black world ...

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5 Mistakes A First Time Home Buyer Can Make

first time home buyer

I don’t think there is any living soul on earth that won’t love the idea of being a first time home buyer, neither are there persons who won’t want to own their own house. If there is, the person is probably not living. Nonetheless, as exciting as the feeling of buying a house/home is so is it easy to make ...

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Top 5 States With Natural Tourist Sites In Nigeria

natural tourist sites in Nigeria

In as much as there are many  tourist sites in Nigeria, not all of them are natural tourist sites. There are natural tourist sites in Nigeria that you don’t even know exist. In fact most the popular tourist sites in the country have the influence of man all around it. This article highlights the top 5 states with natural tourist ...

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5 Ways To Make Your Room Look New Again

Living room styling mistakes

You don’t have to hire a decorator or break the bank to give your room a quick fix with lots of impact. That room you think looks obsolete can come alive and be born anew in a couple of days with a little expertise and ingenuity. This article dishes out 5 ways you can make your room look new again. ...

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Kitchen Floors: Tiles vs Wood


This article takes a quick look at the pros and cons of the two superstar kitchen flooring choices. How do they manage the ick, while allowing for style and comfort? Your kitchen sees you at your most inspired and grottiest. The kitchen floor has to weather it all, serve up charm while you serve dinner, and be easy to clean ...

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What Makes Up A Home’s Foundation?


Have you ever wondered what part of a building is the most important? The truth is the type of foundation used to erect a structure determines the holding capacity or strength of that structure. This article talks about the best kind of foundation for your home. “Which type of foundation is better for home construction; a poured slab type at ...

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