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Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads In The World

most dangerous roads

Here is a list of 10 most dangerous roads in the world. These roads have high death rates and are extremely dangerous. The people who live around these areas depend on these roads for their daily transportation; so consider yourself lucky. About 1.3 million people die in traffic accidents every year. The World Health Organization has declared 2011-2021, “A decade ...

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Home Design; Things You Should Consider At Old Age

Home Design

Whether you’ve found the home you want to grow old in or you’re planning for an elderly relative to move in with your family, the home design choices you make now should be made with a weather eye to the future. Invariably, you choice home design can make or mar your home. During the process of home design, you may ...

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Social Media And Real Estate Success

Social Media

Participating in social media can be addictive for some and overwhelming for others, but whichever bucket you fall into, social media is an ideal space to create a personal brand, engage with your audience, generate leads and ultimately grow your business. If you’re new to social media, learn to avoid common pitfalls, and if you’re a social media expert, pick ...

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What’s Best For You; A New Home or An Old Home?

a new home or an old home

Buying a new home or an old home do come with merits and demerits for both instances, albeit there are some vital things to consider when opting for either a new home or an old home. The debate here is, what’s best for you; A new home or an Old home? Prospective home buyers looking at areas where new neighbourhoods ...

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Key Constraints Facing The Housing Sector In Nigeria

Housing sector

An analysis of the existing housing situation has revealed that there are several constraints facing the housing sector in Nigeria. These key constraints have been responsible for the imbalance in housing demand and supply. This article takes a critical look at the issues undermining the housing sector in Nigeria. There are many issues hindering socio-economic development in Nigeria, one of ...

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When Does it Become Necessary to Demolish a Building?


Building takes time, and demolition takes consideration. Demolishing a building isn’t easy, and it requires careful, detailed planning to demolish any structure. When is it really necessary to carry out a demolition? Whether corporate buildings or household projects are considered, demolition services should be engaged by inquiring minds and conservative pursuits. When is it time to demolish a building? The ...

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What It Takes To Be A Donald Trump In Real Estate

Donald Trump

Since you are a business oriented person, you might be thinking: “Oh, great, here comes another fad that sounds too good to be true and I don’t have time for this now.” Well, the fact is, like gravity you do not have to believe in Feng Shui for it to work. Whether you believe in the law of gravity or ...

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How To Make Good Decisions In The Real Estate Market

The Real Estate Market

The Real Estate Market in Nigeria faces a lot of challenges that has impeded its growth. However, it is still in high demand and has become a very competitive market. It is therefore imperative that you make good decisions that will ensure you stay afloat. Matters of the heart tend to hurt rather than help the negotiation process when it ...

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Is the Concept of Neighbourliness a Thing of the Past?


Do we still trust our neighbours, talkless loving them the way we love ourselves? Can we even wine and dine with the present neighbours we have? Are our neighbours people we will naturally love to have as neighbours or are we left to just cope with the choices made by our landlords? This article addresses the concept of neighbourliness in ...

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