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Top 10 Famous City Walls In The World

city walls

Recently, we posted an article about the great wall of Lagos which is part of the structures to be erected in the proposed Eko Atlantic City that is set to re-define the landscape of the most populous and most expensive city in Nigeria. This article reveals the top 10 famous city walls in the world. It would have been good ...

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How Landlords Can Effectively Deal With Problem Tenants

Problem tenants

Problem tenants can be a handful and it takes a lot of wisdom on the path of a landlord to deal with them effectively without the landlord putting himself in a bad light. It is therefore essential that landlords tread carefully when trying to tackle an existing problem with a tenant who may likely not see reasons with him. Hoarding, ...

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Top 10 Challenges Facing Nigeria’s Real Estate Sector

Nigeria's real estate sector

Despite the fact that the economy of the world’s most populous black nation is presently in recession, Observers still believe that Nigeria’s real estate sector still evolves at a tremendous pace. The focus of this article are the factors that constitute a stiff opposition to the country’s emerging real estate industry. There is no doubt that other budding sectors of ...

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Making the best of online real estate platforms in Nigeria

online real estate platforms in Nigeria

Gone are the days when people had to roam about the street aimlessly in the bid to find suitable apartments for rent. With the advent of e-commerce, even houses for rent can be transacted via some of the various online real estate platforms in Nigeria. However, to find an apartment for rent or sale anywhere in Lagos, you should have ...

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How The Great Wall of Lagos Came To Be

Great wall of Lagos

Did You Know that there is a wall called the Great Wall Of Lagos? Just like we have the great wall of China which may just be the most popular wall on earth, so is there a wall called the great wall of Lagos. It may not be as popular as the great wall of Benin for now, albeit on ...

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Housing Deficit: Mass Housing Still On The Agenda

Housing deficit

Nigeria’s housing deficit stands at 17 million units and the estimated cost of bridging this gap is N59.5trn. Industry estimates suggest that about 100,000 new houses are built each year in Nigeria, compared to estimated demand of 700,000 units.  The FGN recently disclosed plans to build 360 houses in three pilot states, develop a “Rent to Own” housing scheme for ...

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Housing Satisfaction In Nigeria – The Plight of Poor Urban Dwellers

urban dwellers

The poor urban dwellers in Nigeria are made up of Low income earners or No income earners as the case may be. This article examines the variables that have relationship with the poor urban dwellers deriving residential housing satisfaction and attaining sustainable environmental quality in Nigeria, especially in urban cities of Lagos, Port-Harcourt, Warri, Calabar and Ibadan. Though it is ...

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Property Research Mistakes That Could Be Costly

Property research

There’s no question that research is the lifeblood of a successful property investment. Without thorough property research, you’re investing blind and taking on a huge risk. Thanks to the explosion of available information online, doing your property research these days has become so much easier. Everything is available at your fingertips. Yet many people, even seasoned investors, can sometimes make ...

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What To Look Out For Inside a Rental Property

rental property

Choosing a home to rent can be a very personal decision and trying to decide if a rental property is suitable for you at an inspection can be difficult. There are some obvious things a prospective tenant shouldn’t overlook while home-hunting. Many of us allow our emotions get in the way while on a house inspection. For reasons best known ...

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