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Has the veil been lifted?

From time immemorial, the build up to any General elections in Africa’s most populous nation incites a lot of shenanigans-a thought provoking jamboree that keeps everyone on his or her toes and that includes fetuses that are allotted that period of time for their grand entry into Mother Earth. During the electioneering process in my country, every aspect of human ...

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Risk-return factors on commercial real estate investment

An investment can be simply defined as expenditure in cash or its equivalent during one or more time periods in anticipation of enjoying a net inflow of cash or its equivalent in some future time period. In view of the limited resources and divers’ investment alternatives available to an investor, investment decisions are necessary. Investment decisions are made as a ...

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What you must know about PROPERTY TAX

Property tax can be defined as a levy on property that the owner is required to pay. The tax is levied by the governing authority of the jurisdiction in which the property is located; it may be paid to a national government, a federated state, a county or geographical region, or a municipality. This is in contrast to a rent ...

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Receipt should never substitute Deed of Assignment

Why would an individual be issued a receipt for arguably the most important acquisition in his life and yet he’s not presented with one of the most consequential documents in land ownership? A lot of people make this mistake in their desperate bid to acquire land in the most populous black nation in the world. You may want to attribute ...

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Lagos State land use charge law

The Lagos state land use charge law was instituted on 22nd June, 2001 to  replace the old tenement rate. The land use charge is designed to help the government generate additional revenue needed to develope the state in the light of increasing demand for provision of urban and rural infrastructures and other expenditure while a population that grows at an ...

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Importance of Absorption Rate in Real Estate

absorption rate

Absorption rate is the number of months it would take to sell the currently listed homes in the market. That is a simple definition, and the math is for the most part. However, it’s an important concept, and it’s used by a great many real estate related businesses to attempt to predict home prices and sales activity going forward. The ...

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The joke termed ‘INFRASONIC RADIATION’ 2

  Those who are clamouring for a halt to the coroner’s inquest into the September 12, 2014 disaster that occurred at the ‘SCOAN’ headquarters killing 116 people including about 84 South African nationals should know this; “Section 74(1) of the Physical Planning and Development Law of Lagos State states inter alia that at any time there is a collapsed building ...

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    The major challenge on the issue of building collapse is that individuals differ radically from one another on the professional to blame as the major cause of the collapse of a building. As the battle between the Lagos state government and the Synagogue Church of all Nations wages on, we want to take a moment to analyze the ...

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Why buildings collapse

Building Collapse Prevention

In the light of the incident at the Synagogue Church of all Nations, the incidence of building collapse in Lagos state is now growing at an alarming rate, seemingly uncontrollable or beyond easy control and this should be a source of serious concern to all stake holders – the professionals in building industry, government, private developers, clients and users, as ...

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AFFORDABLE HOUSING: Is it the basic right of every Lagosian? (Part 2)

affordable housing

Yesterday, we delivered a piece on affordable housing in Lagos. We also addressed the incidence of the spiral process of slums among the poor who can’t afford the regular houses. Which brings us to this question; is affordable housing the basic right of every Lagosian? Here is the concluding part… When reference is made to the homeless, you may not ...

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