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Choosing the right sponsor in MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)

The one thing I will ordinarily consider as a highly important step in Multi-level Marketing (MLM) is the need to choose the right sponsor. Today, I will like to share what I consider to be steps to success in multi-level marketing (MLM). You can as well say, steps to success in network marketing.

In the world of network marketing ‘Sponsor’ means your upline. Your upline is the person who introduced you to a Multi-Level Marketing  business, under whom you would sign up, and upgrade or grow your business. Naturally, your upline helps you build your business.

A crucial step to success in any network marketing business is finding the right person to coach you in your bid to succeeding in your business. The wrong person would not support or help you grow your business. With the wrong person you are left to your own devices because he leaves you with little or no back up, support, or information. But when you have the right person, the path to success in that endeavour is sure.

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Why is your Sponsor so important in your Network Marketing Business?

Your sponsor is a very consequential part of your network marketing business because he/she will help you keep the ground running. The right sponsor has characteristics that involves mastery of the game, a game plan that comes handy, a duplication strategy, and at every meeting he/she knows what to achieve.

What a sponsor does is to make sure that you settle down in time, teach you things you should know on time, and then involve you in the main business of selling; and then duplicating yourself, and that is the bulk of what you need. You need a coach, a mentor, a boss, and a friend as sponsor. Your sponsor must be able to be all of these things and more.

Also, your sponsor must have sound knowledge of the product and the company, as well as well as being vast and established in network. He/she must have proven strategies that have worked and are still working in the particular network marketing you are involved in. When you have such sponsor, then you have a good sponsor.

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How do you identify a good sponsor?

The way someone reaches out to you to come under his downline, informs you whether he has a system or is systematic about it, or if he has something that he is working with, what knowledge he has of the product and the company.

If someone is just keen about you coming for a meeting, and never really takes time out  to break things down and have them explained to you, then be sure that sponsor doesn’t have so much knowledge about the business he introduced you to. He may still be learning, which means he has a long way to do, and so do you.

That’s why I always advise that you look out for a good sponsor, the right sponsor; someone with a good disposition, someone who has a mind to teach and a system to teach as well.

A toast to your success!

Debo Adejana

MD/CEO Realty Point Ltd


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