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How I Started Real Estate Business in School

real estate business

Olatunbosun Okpeseyi the CEO of Lord Cowries Limited, is a certified auctioneer, real estate mogul and a practicing barrister who loves to keep himself busy doing something new. In this interview with The Sun, he narrated how it all started in his university years. So how did you start? I started doing some of these things right from my university days. ...

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How To Decide Which Rental Apartment Is Best For You

rental apartment

It is okay to find a great rental apartment, but what makes such rental apartments amazing? Were other factors put into consideration before you termed it amazing? What makes an apartment amazing should not just be about the size or the aesthetic of the apartment nor should it be the environment. It goes beyond that; however the above listed factors ...

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How To Ensure You Live In A Sustainable Neighbourhood

sustainable neighbourhood

A sustainable neighbourhood meets your needs while protecting the environment. Homes in a sustainable neighbourhood are located near shops, schools, recreation, work and other daily destinations. This helps reduce driving costs and lets residents enjoy the health benefits of walking. This article tells you what you should do to live in a sustainable neighbourhood. A sustainable neighbourhood is a place ...

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