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PROPERTY SEARCH: to go online OR use an agent?

Its no longer news that the Real Estate market is towing the technology synchronisation way. Following the new trend of mobile apps driving real estate, you would wonder how this affect the regular masses. Should we expect a person in search of a new apartment to think about surfing for properties online with the likes of Findnigeriaproperty.com and others. Nigeria Real ...

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“My Landlord is ‘Un-empathetic’

describe your landlord

In this part of the world, gists, hearsays or gossips about landlord/landlady and their tenants would crack your ribs and should never be missed. Tenants feel they own the house rented for the particular period of time as agreed by both parties and some landlords/landladies would always want to assume the role of their tenants’ guardian. The disagreement that ensues ...

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