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10 Things You Should Never Do In Your Kitchen

For many folks, the kitchen is the most homey and comfortable room in the house. It’s where families come together to create and enjoy meals.

However, the kitchen can become a pretty dangerous place if you’re not careful. There are also many ways to mess up a meal or misuse your utensils that many of us do each and every time we cook.

These 10 things should never, ever be done in a kitchen. Some of them may land you in the emergency room, while others will simply make your life a little harder. Either way, you shouldn’t do them.

For those of us who love cooking and creating dishes, there is every likelihood that you will be most definitely guilty of some of these. It might just be time to change your ways, making your hours in the kitchen a little safer and more efficient!

Are you guilty of doing any of these 10 no-nos? Did we forget anything from this list? Let us know in the comments.


1. Scrape Your Knife On The Cutting Board

It sounds like a convenient way to get your chopped veggies into the pot, but all you’re doing is dulling your knife so much faster than you need to.

2. Open The Door To An Oven On Fire

Opening the door will just feed the fire with it’s favorite thing, oxygen. Instead of opening the door, you should definitely leave it closed and let it burn itself out. If it doesn’t look like it’s going to go out, that is when you call the fire department to handle the situation.

3. Try To Catch A Falling Knife

Your natural instinct to a falling object is usually to try and catch it before it hits the ground. Needless to say, you should try to get as far away from a falling knife as fast as you can, lest you inadvertently try to catch the blade.

Move your feet out of the way very quickly, too, and pick up the knife only after it is safely resting on the ground.

4. Forget You Are Working With Spicy Peppers

In my opinion, touching your eyes after working with hot peppers is one of the worst mistakes you can make in a kitchen. The unforgiving fiery burn that comes after you touch a peppery finger to your eyeball is like the heat of a thousand suns, and it doesn’t just go away with a splash of water. That sting will be with you potentially for hours to come.

If you have cuts on your hand, it may sting those, too, as well as get underneath your nails and make your fingers very sore. You’re best off wearing latex gloves while cutting them, and disposing of the gloves immediately after.

5. Cut Raw Meat And Veggies On The Same Cutting Board

Ideally, you will have a wooden cutting board for your vegetables, and a plastic one for your meat to keep bacteria at bay as efficiently as possible. You need to watch out lest you contaminate your favorite veggies!

6. Use A Metal Utensil On A Nonstick Pan

Nonstick pans are great — if you take care of them properly. The first rule is to never use metal utensils on a nonstick pan, as they will absolutely destroy them. Use plastic instead!

7. Wait Until The End To Do All The Dishes

Cleaning as you go is an absolute must. Toss food scraps in the trash as you chop, or keep a garbage bowl on your counter for those onion skins and such. Rinse out dishes in the sink as you go to get the grime off and make it easier to finish up later. This will also clear your counter space and make it much easier to complete the meal.

And definitely don’t let things sit for days, or you could end up with some truly moldy pots and pans!

8. Drink And Chop

Having a glass of wine while prepping a meal is completely acceptable and, quite frankly, very enjoyable. However, it’s simply a better idea to get the cutting and chopping out of the way before you pour yourself a glass. Wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry?

9. Take On A Meal You Can’t Handle

If you’re rather inexperienced in the kitchen, don’t take on a huge or complicated meal that you won’t be able to handle or plan. There are plenty of simple dishes out there that are, quite frankly, just as delicious or even more delicious than complicated “fancy” dishes.

And if you try techniques you’re not used to, you could end up getting burned or cut.

10. Stifle Your Imagination

All in all, cooking really should be enjoyable and adventurous. Never let the recipe stifle your own sensibilities, and never be afraid to make a dish totally your own.


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