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Debo Adejana Real Estate Seminar

3 Reasons Why You Should Attend the Next Debo Adejana Real Estate Seminar

It is often said that if you are heading for a destination, you need to talk to someone who’s gone ahead to show you the way. The Debo Adejana real estate seminar which returns next weekend will open your eyes to vital due diligence tricks in real estate and real estate business secrets you will never get elsewhere.

Due diligence is a very crucial aspect of a real estate transaction that cannot be wished away no matter the people involved. Most people who have lost money in real estate did not do as much due diligence as they should do.

Just like the manner most of us nosedived into the popular Ponzi scheme that is now on sabbatical, a lot of Nigerians embrace any offer that is too good to be true. Even after visible red flags people go ahead to acquire properties probably because it’s a good bargain. The aftermath of such is wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Albeit if you are ever going to succeed in real estate, the number one rule to follow is that; ‘Never wave away your due diligence’

As the late Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”, and that is exactly what due diligence is for. It should prevent you from buying a property that has problems or will give you problems down the road.

I am sure a number of people reading this have had a fair share of real estate investments that did not go well and garnering experience in the business of real estate may not even be a sure guarantee  that you will not have bad investments anymore, especially when you don’t learn from your mistakes

In the light of this, here are three reasons why you should attend the next Debo Adejana Real Estate Seminar slated for next weekend:

1.You will avoid making bad investment decisions

It’s not in all cases people lose money to fraudulent people in the course of a real estate transaction. In some situations, the person most probably took some bad investment decisions and worse still that investment decision was done with people’s money or the person also did not do due diligence in his own investments, which then fatally affected other people’s investments. This seminar would draw your attention to vital tricks to imbibe to avoid making bad investment decisions

2. You will be exposed to Vital Due Diligence Tricks

This is the topmost priority of the Debo Adejana real estate seminar; to expose you to vital due diligence tricks. These due diligence tricks will not only be save you a lot of trouble, you will also be saving people you trust or people who have trusted you (as the case may be) a lot of trouble. But how do you go about this when you go about this with limited knowledge of what it entails? Debo Adejana will expose you to all of these and a whole lot more

There is no one who really wants to do a thing without counting the cost. It is in counting the cost that you do due diligence. Don’t do it after you pay, do it before you part with a dime of your money, no matter who you are investing with.

Doing due diligence helps you know who you should invest with, and how to package your investment, and safeguard against any future mishap.

3. You would be enlightened on how to avoid scam artists

Whether you are buying a small piece of land or a commercial building, conducting a through due diligence examination of the real estate is absolutely imperative to you as a buyer.  The real estate industry in Nigeria is laced with horror stories in which buyers are stuck with serious problems from poor due diligence examination of their real estate purchases.

A lot of Nigerians have fallen for one real estate scam or the other, especially those who buy properties from Omoniles. People become easy prey for real estate scam artists mostly because they fail to do their due diligence before entering into a real estate transaction or during the process of a real estate deal. Tackling the aspect of due diligence is not just being smart, even the smart are outsmarted. It is about knowing the vital due diligence tricks and real estate business tricks you may never get elsewhere.

Do you still think this seminar is not for you? I’ll bet not because everyone is involved in real estate one way or the other

Don’t go crying blue murder, when the actual killing was carried out by you….

Here’s an opportunity to join Debo Adejana, MD/CEO of Realty Point LimitedA company with over 12 years of excellent service and untainted integrity, with a track record of success in Real Estate transactions – as he shares from his experiences and pitfalls in a “No Holds Barred’ session this August.

The seminar will be a bare it all, no trade secrets left untold session where you get to gain a lot of insight into VITAL DUE DILLIGENCE TRICKS IN REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS.

It promises to be a very engaging and insightful session that has the capacity to transform your view of Real Estate Business. Make it a date with us:

Date: Saturday – August 12, 2017.

Time: 10 am prompt

Venue: Realty Place – 3, Olaide Benson Str, Onigbogbo, Maryland, Lagos.

Fee: N5000 (N7500 from August 10)

There are very limited seats available at the seminar hall.

Alternatively, you can also join the seminar via WhatsApp for those outside Lagos where you get live feeds of the event via text, images, and audios. You can ask questions and have them answered on that platform too. The Joining fee is N5000.

BONUS: Free 45minutes One-On-One session with ‘Debo Adejana for the first 30 persons to register and pay. This session be claimed on or before September 30, 2017.

To register for the seminar:

Please make payment to 0007754736 (GTB) Realty Point Limited.

Send your name, number and email to 08093930651 after payment to confirm your seat at the seminar.

Come and learn, do not miss this for anything.



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