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3invest launches co-working space in Lagos State
Chief Executive, 3Invest, Ruth Obih-Obuah

3invest launches co-working space in Lagos State

A real estate investment firm, 3Invest has launched its corporate real estate model, Lagos Co-work.

The Guardian reports that the Lagos Co-work will provide and operate flexible office spaces to start-ups/growing businesses and create a collaborative community where people co-work and invest in timeshare opportunities.

Pioneered by start-ups, entrepreneurs and freelancers, a growing number of companies, large and small, are exploring how to incorporate the concept, which is fast becoming critical component of wider Corporate Real Estate (CRE) and portfolio strategy, The Guardian reports.

According to The Guardian, the Chief Executive, 3Invest, Ruth Obih-Obuah, while speaking at the launch, stated; “Our successful workplace strategy seeks to both improve organizational effectiveness and reduce Real Estate and Facilities costs.

“We will provide smart and versatile spaces designed to fit the modern workplace strategy. Each Lagos co-work space will enhance performance and wellness of its user.

“Our locations will reflect the values of exceptional facilities and operations management, secure and accessible location, cosy and relaxed general area, Lagos co-work values, traditions and quality facilities will allow occupiers attain 100% focus on growing their business,” she said.

According to Ruth Obih-Obuah, Lagos Co-work offers tenants efficient spaces with flexible payment structure, conducive and relaxed work environment, storage for resident tenants, business support services, professional management and quality tenants, substantial cost savings, networking opportunities, work productivity, investment opportunities and peace of mind.

“ It is ideal for growing businesses and startups, out-of-state or international businesses looking to expand into or have a presence in the Lagos or the Nigerian business sector, short project based organisations seeking a temporary workspace”. She added.

According to The Guardian, latest results of JLL Global Co-working Survey reveal that 61% of Co-working space providers are planning to expand their operations and almost 80% expect the number of members to increase in 2016.

The number of members using co-working spaces globally has been steadily increasing yearly and it is predicted to reach one million by 2018, The Guardian reports.

3Invest aims to be the leading flexible workspace operator out of Nigeria with amenities like an uninterrupted power supply, high-speed internet, constant air conditioning system, comfortable office furniture, office hardware such as whiteboards, projectors, printers and scanners, coffee shop , café amongst several support services.

Source: The Guardian

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