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5 Mega Construction Projects To Look Out For In 2016

Though the Goodluck Jonathan Administration was characterized by a massive case of widespread corruption, the rise of mega construction projects was also its hallmark. This article highlights 5 mega construction projects to look out for or possibly monitor closely this year. These projects are expected to re-define our landscape.

There are some ongoing mega construction projects in Nigeria which when completed will change the face of our economy and also skyrocket the country to her rightful place among the world’s best places to be. Remember the Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge, a 1.36 km cable-stayed bridge that links Lekki Phase 1, Lekki with Ikoyi, Lagos. The bridge which was commissioned on the 29th of May 2013 by the then Governor of Lagos state, Babatunde Raji Fashola became the first cable-stayed bridge in Nigeria. Subsequently, the construction of this bridge has opened the doors for further mega construction projects in Lagos state and Nigeria at large.

Here is a brief of top 5 mega construction projects in Nigeria to look out for this year. Some of the projects  are near completion while others still have a long way to go. Albeit, when these projects are  completed, there should be room for more job opportunities and an avenue for capacity building.

1. Abuja Centenary City, Abuja , Nigeria 

Project Cost : $ 180 .6b

Though this project is projected to be completed in 10 years, it made this list because of the controversy surrounding it which may likely not die down anytime soon. In fact, it should come under radar in 2016 now that the Buhari led government has approved the continuance of the controversial project.

Mega construction projects

Abuja Centenary City is designed to work in harmony with nature. It is a city within a city that will offer complete cosmopolitan lifestyle to its residents, as well as serve as a hub for the wider community. The entire project is expected to cost about $180.6 billion

The Centenary City project is an ambitious project by the Nigerian Government to build a smart city modeled after cities such as Dubai, Monaco and Singapore, to serve as a political and economic tool for securing foreign investment. The city is to be built from scratch on a 1,260 hectares piece of virgin land located several kilometres southeast of Nigeria’s capital. The concept of the city was mooted as project to mark the 100 year anniversary of Nigeria which was held two years ago.

Mega construction projects

Albeit there are some legitimate questions surrounding this mega city project still begging for answers, hence it gets top-spot on our list of projects to look out for in 2016.

2. Eko Atlantic City, Lagos, Nigeria

Project Cost : At least Six ( 6) Billion Dollars.

Mega construction projects

The idea for the Abuja Cetennary city project must have been borne from Eko Atlantic City, Lagos. Eko Atlantic which is expected to be delivered this year is a New Lagos city that is being built on reclaimed waterfront and expected to accommodate at least 250, 000 residents of the city on the project completion . The Eko Atlantic project extending over 9 square kilometres and is poised to have positive effects in restoring and protecting the state shoreline. At 7km and 40 metres wide, the islands ’ walkway will be the longest in the world.

Mega construction projects

The intended residential and commercial properties designed for the Eko Atlantic city will ease pressure on the already overloaded infrastructure on the Island. Eko Atlantic will support a new urban development the size of the Manhattan district of New York City . The proposed designs for Eko Atlantic received international acclaim in 2009 when the Clinton Global Initiative ( CGI) recognised the ingenious project :

’ An environmentally conscious city, built with nature to restore an original coastline and to protect Victoria Island , Lagos, from the severe risk of ocean surge and flooding …’’ – ( CGI) .

3. World Trade Centre, Abuja, Nigeria.

Project cost: $ 1 billion naira

Mega construction projects

I’m sure we didn’t know Nigeria was building a world trade centre in Abuja.

The world trade centre is a partnership between the FCT administration and the first continental properties Limited, a subsidiary of church-gate Investment limited. The construction site sits on 6,102 hectares of land along the constitution Avenue in the central Business Area, Abuja. It is a multi-tower conglomerate of both commercial office towers and residential towers.

Mega construction projects

The project which commenced in March 2011 is expected to be opened this year following the completion of phase 1.

The concept behind the World Trade Centre, as the name indicates, is a worldwide brand. The  World Trade Centre, WTC, Abuja, is  the first complex in Nigeria to have seven towers made up of a 38-storey hotel building and six 24-storey commercial offices and residential towers

The World Trade Centre, Abuja is expected to change the face of businesses in Nigeria.

4. Lekki Free Trade Zone, Lagos, Nigeria.

Project Cost : 700 Million Dollars

Mega construction projects

Yes, based on China’s success story, free trade zones have sprung up around the country, but the one in Lagos is the biggest and most crucial one.  Its location in the commercial capital of Nigeria means a lot in leapfrogging the country’s economy, though a Lagos State Government initiative.


Lekki Free Trade Zone ( Lekki FTZ) covers a total area of about 30 square kilometres with 27 square kilometres for urban construction purposes, which would hold a total of 120, 000 residents . Approximately 50 kilometres from the city centre of Lagos, the economic capital of Nigeria , Lekki FTZ borders Lekki Lagoon in the north and faces the Atlantic in the south . Lekki FTZ designed to integrate industries , commerce & business, real estate development, warehousing & logistics , tourism & entertainment etc. A considerable number of construction works will be carried out in the Commercial & Logistics Park, including the international commodities & trade centre , the international exhibition & conversation centre , industrial factories , office buildings, hotels and residential apartment buildings. The Commercial & Logistics Park on the long runs is expected to serve as the logistics and distribution centre of Chinese products in West Africa and represent a service demonstration base for the entire Lekki FTZ .

To be sure, Lekki’s deep-seaport will be one of the most sophisticated in the world, and the area’s vast size will provide for warehouses storing millions and millions of trade wares.  Of course, the compliment of a nearby refinery will make the zone an important energy export hub as well.

The port according to plan will create over 162,000 jobs and help to facilitate decongestion at Nigeria’s other ports, built initially to handle 60,000 tonnes, but which are now handling over 100,000 tonnes of car.

Mega construction projects

Lekki FTZ has been established jointly by the Lagos State Government, the China -Africa Lekki Investment Limited ( CALI , a Chinese Consortium : China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation , China- Africa Development Fund Ltd , China Railway Construction Corporation Ltd and Nanjing Jiangning Economic & Technological Development Corporation ) , and Lekki Worldwide Investments Ltd . in Lagos .

5. Abuja Millennium Tower Location: Abuja , Nigeria

Project Cost : 333 Million Dollars
The Abuja Millennium Tower as it is generally referred is a complex that is expected to hold a Cultural Centre , Millennium Tower and the National Square . The tower was designed by Manfredi Nicoletti , an Italian and a winner of the Comité International des Critiques d’ Architecture prize.

Mega construction projects

The 170 metres ( 560 ft ) tower is expected to displace  Necom House in Marina, Victoria Island, Lagos which towers into the sky at 160 metres (520 ft) as Nigeria ’ s tallest building when completed along with an eight storey , low rise, pyramid shaped Cultural Centre . Located in Abuja , the site is severed by a main road so the two buildings will be linked via an underground arcade. The tower consists of three cylindrical concrete pillar -like structures varying in height and linked together near the towers first peak using a disc shaped section which will house in its two floors , an observation decks and a restaurant where visitors will be able to enjoy spectacular views of the city below while they eat . Around the pillars of the tower three transparent stainless steel wings wrap delicately but protectively around the base of the tower and gradually open outwards in a fan like fashion as they extend up the height of the tower .

It is often said that the Nigerian Government is not bereft of ideas but the capacity to implement. This is also the case with construction projects in the country.

I just hope that these projects are completed before the world ends.


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