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Real estate Journey

The 6 Rangers Of Your Real Estate Journey

A real estate journey involves the steps you take on the pathway of a real estate transaction or business. And just like in every journey we embark on, you are bound to meet people who will either make your journey eventful or hinder you from completing it.

Investing in real estate is one of the best business decisions you can make in your life. Real estate offers a wide field of involvement. Albeit, real estate could get tricky and tortuous especially when you are lacking in experience as to what it entails. This happens often in the course of buying or renting a house.

We all know that a tree won’t make a forest, neither can a striker score a goal without an assist from a team player. Therefore, it’s expedient that a real estate activity such as buying or renting a house should involve a number of players that will either ensure you get a fair deal or you get no deal at all.

No matter what the case is, there are six characters you may never miss as you go on that quest of buying or renting a house; call them the six wardens or rangers of your real estate journey

1. Estate Agents, Valuers & Surveyors
These are the fore runners of your real estate deal. They look out for you and always got your back as far as that real estate transaction is concerned. They are there through thick and thin till the real estate transaction becomes a done deal. However not all Estate Agents, Valuers and surveyors are keen about their profession or know what it takes to be one. As a matter of fact we have many wannabes that claim to be professionals. It is essential that you ask for referrals from friends and family or do proper research before settling for one.

2. 419ers/Scam Artists
Getting involved with these group of fraudulent characters is more like boarding a one-chance” danfo. In fact it will be totally wrong to call scam artiste of real estate transactions rangers; they don’t deserve that tag. However, they are on this list because you most likely will meet them on your real estate journey; they are every where.

The aftermath of an experience with scam artists in a real estate transaction might be a never ending tale. Truth be told, there are as many 419ers as there are genuine professionals in the real estate setup in Nigeria. They are people you will always meet but the good part is that you can avoid any dealings with them if you are not the type that is gullible. Scam artists in real estate transactions come in different forms; agents, landlords, land developers, omoniles, government officials e.t.c.

Neglecting this vital information or feigning ignorance that such people exist is more like lying to yourself there are no witches on earth. Throwing caution to the winds in your dealing with some real estate rangers would only mean you are closely related to Dangote.

Though some of these scam artist have a whole bag of tricks, it is essential that you roll along with a trusted friend or family member if you are a novice in real estate transactions, because even the experience ones fall for it a times.

The ultimate rule; ensure that you do upbeat due diligence and employ the services of a lawyer. It will save you the headaches and the heartbreaks that could arise from a false real estate transaction. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

3. Omo Oniles
We had to specifically single these ones out because they are probably the most dangerous and difficult rangers you come across in the course of that real estate transaction. If you are dealing with an “omonile” you shouldn’t only look before you leap, you would also have to put your ears to the ground and in extreme cases, you may have to arm yourself to the teeth. Regardless, there are actually very good and astounding “omoniles” with a good reputation. But you know that saying about one rotten apple spoiling the whole barrel…Their reputation has suffered serious dents over the years that you may want to believe anything said about “omoniles” as long as it’s not a good report.

Nonetheless, omoniles remain one of the most important rangers of your real estate transaction and a category of people you may never miss on that real estate journey.

4. Building expert and general contractors

Finding a property to buy is not only about the location or the aesthetics of that property. The structure of the building counts a whole lot, even more than the location or aesthetic. You should get building experts to inspect various aspects of your building and assess the worthiness of the structure.

5. Lawyer

The place of a lawyer in your real estate transaction depending on the magnitude and the intensity of the deal is non-negotiable. A lawyer should be in the know of your transactions from the beginning to the very end. If you don’t trust any of the other five wardens please trust your lawyer. More reason you should employ the services of an excellent lawyer; he ultimately should be your best counselor.

6. Friends and Family
Tell me who goes on a real estate journey without a trusted friend or family member and I will show you a traveler on a journey to the land of the lost.

If a friend or family member is not on the team of your real estate transaction then you may just have succeeded in shooting yourself in the leg. It is more like going on a wild goose chase. They are there to offer inspiration both spiritually and physically and guide you on the path to your real estate acquisition. They are your morale booster.

Those are the six rangers that you will most definitely meet on your pathway to that real estate transaction. Now, you can begin your real estate journey but let this information guide you.

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