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7 Reasons Why You Should Live Around Your Workplace

7 Reasons Why You Should Live Around Your Workplace

This article gives us seven reasons why we should live some blocks away from our workplace. In view of this era of economic recession, it is expedient we find ways by which we can reduce the resultant effect of the economic downturn on our lives.

One major reason that should override every other reason the average Nigerian should live close to his place workplace is the aspect of transportation. For instance, In Lagos former capital of the most populous black nation in the world, there seems to be no end in sight to the problem of traffic congestion. In fact a Lagos without her trademark gridlock is a city under a spell.

Whether you use a private car or take public transportation, you face daily perils and risks that will inevitably drain you of your finances, time, and energy.

How do you balance between earning a living, taking 3-8 hours a day to travel to work, and then dedicating your time for your family or yourself? The solution is, of course, to find work that is close to you or relocating to a place close to your work.

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Living near where you work has many benefits. The opportunity to be able to work near where you live adds so many benefits to your career, health and overall outlook in life.

Here are five reasons why you should live close to where you work;

1. Living near your work allows you to be more productive

Less time to commute may mean more time to allot for personal pursuits. Setting aside time for your passions or hobbies makes you more productive in the workplace. Living near your workplace means that you no longer have to worry about being late. Punctuality is a performance indicator monitored by your employers and supervisors. Being punctual at work does mean that you have more time to be productive.

2. Living near your work may minimize your stress level

Despite the night shift issue, call center agents especially should maintain proper sleeping schedules, even the bankers. According to studies, not getting enough sleep can affect your creativity, decision-making skills, and concentration. On the flip side, getting enough sleep can minimize your mood swings, stress, and anger. When stress level is kept at bay, the chances of incurring an absence due to health-related reasons will be minimized as well. One facet of being able to perform well is punctuality and attendance especially in competitive work spaces. So it is but a must to prioritize job opportunities that are within your radius

3. Living near your work allows you to save up for your future faster and better

Aside from helping you save and helping you become punctual at work, living near your work also has financial benefits. If you are a regular BRT/Danfo commuter, then you may have noticed that the transport fare increased substantially this past week due to acute fuel shortage. This fare increase has a huge impact on the finances of most Lagos workers especially when you live on the mainland and have to go to work on the Island. Imagine how much money you will be saving if you didn’t have to commute at all.

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4. Living near your work may allow you to have a better relationship

Most employees in Lagos spend at least 3-6 hours just to commute to and from their workplace. That’s equivalent to 15 hours to 30 hours, for a 5-day work weekly. Am not even talking about the bankers amongst us yet or those who have to leave the mainland to go to work on the Island. Living near your workplace gives you the opportunity to spend those hours for your hobbies or for your family. Working does not equate to zero social life. By living near your work, you can use that extra 15 hours to 30 hours a week to catch up with your family and friends. Now, you can watch that new movie with your buddies, go to the mall with your friends, or just spend some quality time with your family. Living near your workplace enables you also to balance your work and personal life. Finding a good balance between your personal and work life can decrease your chances of being burned out, thus making you more effective at work.

5. Living near your work may help you live longer

Residing only a few streets  from your workplace means that walking will now be your major means of transportation. Walking is a simple, free, and easy way to exercise. According to research, walking for at least 40 minutes a day can lower your risk for cardiovascular diseases for up to 20 percent. Living near your work can also improve your blood pressure and blood sugar levels, lower your risk of obesity, and enhance your mental state of wellbeing. Similar to walking, biking is also a good way to shed off some pounds, thus improving your overall health.

By walking or biking to and from your workplace, you get to have a healthier body and disposition, which means lower chances of being absent from work. Being present at work can greatly up your chances of achieving career advancement.

6. Living near your work minimizes the likelihood of dealing with crimes or accidents

Let’s face it, we cannot guarantee that every person we encounter is a good person. We all have heard those horror stories wherein some commuters get nabbed, harassed, or in worst case scenarios, harmed. As for employees with cars, they may be safe from nabbings, but they still need to deal with reckless drivers. Working on the island does guarantee that you get home at odd hours, that’s if you live on the mainland which ordinarily puts you at risk. Hence, living close to your place of work combats fear especially for the ladies and reduces the risk of getting involved in an unforeseen situation.

7. Living near your work can make you happier

We all know that commuting to and fro is very stressful, especially when you are stuck in traffic and all you can do is stare at the window of your Molue, BRT, Mass Transit or Danfo. Living near your work means that you get to remove this stressful situation in your life and become happier. This will result in better productivity and may increase your chances of climbing up the corporate ladder. Although having the right skills is a necessity to succeed.

Living near your work has many advantages. It allows you to be more productive, be more relaxed, become healthier, and be happier. Aside from this, living near your work also allows you to save up money and pump up your social life. Consider residing near your workplace to enjoy all the tangible and intangible benefits it has to offer.

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