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70% of FCT citizens live in slumps – ANRP Senatorial aspirant

About 70% of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) citizens are living in the slums, according to a senatorial aspirant Mr. Olanrewaju Lawrence.
Mr. Lawrence, who is contesting on the platform of Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP) for a Senatorial seat in FCT in the 2019 general elections, said the situation was caused by past leaders who refused to plan well for the people.

The aspirant who said FCT citizens are living in the slums made this known during the ANRP-FCT chapter primaries in Abuja added that the capital needed a pragmatic shift in leadership in order to bring about the desired development.
“FCT is over 35 years and those elected has not brought the desired development”, he lamented.

“FCT ought to be having more than 10 million tourists as a revenue-generating area for the government and creating jobs for the citizens duelling in the capital but look around, you will see infrastructure that is not well conceived”, he added.

Mr. Olanrewaju lamented that money politics was responsible for poor leadership in the capital city.

While noting that Abuja was created to be the proud black capital of the world, he called on the Abuja residents to vote wisely during the 2019 elections.

Credit: Daily Trust

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