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8 Things Every Bachelor Apartment Needs 

It is probably just an African man thing, but the interior of a bachelor apartment is rarely organised and furnished as you would expect.

If there is an apartment you will visit without high expectation as regards the arrangement of furniture, items and personal effects in the apartment then that house has to be owned by a bachelor. It’s a common trend to visit bachelor apartment and meet disorderliness in its perfect state. Most times, it feels like we can’t just help it. I am a bachelor too ?

Bachelors hardly care about what their homes look like as long as they have a good sound system, large screen and other hi-tech gadgets to amuse them. Their Kitchen is usually worse hit, that is where the least activities go on. And if their bedroom is the best part of their home then you’ll know there is sinister motive; anything to make the ladies feel comfortable. In fact there are some single guys that have the best and biggest expensive mattress in their apartment, probably with fancy throw pillows and bed-sheets, yet can’t boast of any other property in that apartment. A typical bachelor apartment is virtually empty save for a mattress, but of course there is a good reason for that.

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Having said that, it is high time single men who are not getting married anytime soon started thinking about themselves and not only about the ladies when giving their apartment a bit of glam.

How would you like your apartment to look like as a single man? How do you take charge of your life when your little abode is in a mess? How do you take possession of the world around you when you are not even sure you possess that little space in your domain?

Here are 8 things every bachelor apartment should contain, just maybe it will make the world a better place.


Mini Refrigerator

Now you don’t have to wait till you get a freezer or a big fridge before you own a cooling machine in that apartment you spend a greater part of your time. It is important that single guys who live alone get a mini refrigerator since guys are fond of living food around the house and many times forget to heat up stew and soup they manage to prepare. Not forgetting that for most of them, it is usually prepared by visiting girlfriends (All of us know ourselves). Especially when those guys hardly go to the kitchen, it’s best they have somewhere they can stock up food items, fruits and other homemade or factory made food.


wine glass

Guys! Stop it! You do it too often; pouring wine in mugs, tea cups and some even pour it in disposables and water flask. Haba! These items have their own function naa. Some even go borrow from a neighbour then “fight go start when them break am.”

My guy, when a girl comes over for wine, give it to her in a proper glass not that mug you stole from your neighbour. A wine glass or two won’t eat into your finances.

Having 3 mugs your mom gave you, 5 glasses you stole from your roommate a decade ago, and 1 plastic cup you brought home from Disneyland in 1998 doesn’t really say “I put thought into my home.”

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Your dishes, glasses, and utensils don’t have to be expensive, but they should be purposeful choices. When in doubt, buy white dishes, plain clear glasses, and simple silverware. Even if you live alone, you should aim for best of everything.



If you can’ afford a sofa, couch, settee and even a mattress, then you can get something that will serve the function of these items.  And that “something” is a Futon.

There’s a reason everyone has owned one of these at some point in their lives. Part bed-part couch, this is the Holy Grail of functional furniture. It can function as your bed and also function as second bed when you’re unable to drag yourself to your actual bed. You can also throw pillows around.



Guys face it! Girls are more hygienic than we are. Some of us don’t even care about their hygiene. A single guy or bachelor should have at least 2 towel or more for himself when he stops doing his laundry for a long while, which is commonplace among guys, and another spare towel for his guests. Same applies to our bed-sheets.


modern desk

For those guys that can’t afford to get a modern desk at least a stool or table shouldn’t be so much of a big deal. Just because you’re not doing homework, doesn’t mean you won’t need a desk on the daily to place your lap top, read a book and even place that cup of wine or plate of Jollof rice.

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Abeg guys una need mirror. Don’t come out of the house looking like a fugitive gorilla. The hardship in the country is enough pill to swallow don’t “coman” add your shabby appearance to it

No one else may give a damn about your ‘fit, but at least you know you’re looking good.


shoe rack

I have a friend who keeps his shoes wherever he gets to first. Be it on his plasma Tv, GOTV decoder, Gas cooker, bed and even on his toilet seat. I had to compel myself to get him a shoe rack. Now, things have changed in his apartment.

While your collection of kicks is impressive, the tower of shoeboxes you’ve erected in the corner of your bedroom isn’t.


When you walk into a space, you need a place to put your jacket, keys, mail, and anything else you bring in. This area sets the tone for your entire space because it’s the first thing you see when you enter a home. Nothing says “I’m a grownup” like having a put-together entry, and grown men are hot. Here’s what you should aim to have:

– A coat rack. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the wall or a standalone piece on the floor, but you need a good place for your guest’s coat if you don’t have a coat closet (or if it’s full already).

– A tabletop of sorts. This can be a table, a dresser, or even a shelf.

– A catchall for keys and/or mail, like a bowl or tray.



Putting things on your walls says you have put some thought into your space, and what you choose to frame says a lot about you and your personal style. People like to see it, and it makes a space feel more like a home. Do it. No excuses!

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