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8 Tips On How To Pay Your House Rent With Ease in Nigeria

8 Tips On How To Pay Your House Rent With Ease in Nigeria

Do you get troubled or agitated whenever your house rent is about to expire? If so, this is an article you must read.

It has become quite natural for tenants to feel unsettled whenever the time to pay their next house rent approaches.

Some go through periods of high blood pressure, sleepless nights, and tension in the home, over something as basic as paying rent.

No one likes the idea of being sent packing into the streets, by an angry landlord – especially when one has a family they have to protect.

Also, if you’ve just rented a new apartment, the thought of being able to pay your house rent before the due date and consistently, without having clashes with your landlord starts to come to mind.

How would you like a professional advice that could nip that problem in the bud for you? This is what I am offering in this article.

You probably won’t have to get troubled again about paying house rent if you will follow the little tips in this article.

Breakdown your house rent into months & days

Instead of getting scared of the whole rent figure, you should break it down into convenient bits by dividing your annual house rent into 12 months, or 365 days.

Okay let’s start this way, if your annual rent is N600,000. You can calculate your monthly house rent by dividing it by 12 months and that should amount to N50,000.

Your daily house rent will be your annual rent (600,000) divided by 365 days, which would equal N1,643.84 per day.

This not only helps you spend wisely as you have to save up your monthly house rent from your salary but also prevents you from payment default.

Join a Co-operative Society

I cannot over-emphasize the importance of leveraging the efforts of others in life.

Has it ever occurred to you that you may not be able to carry two bags of cement alone? But you will agree with me that it is far more convenient to carry two bags of cement with a wheel barrow!

The cooperative societies are like wheel barrows, when its purpose is well defined and adhered to. If your church or Mosque has a cooperative society, join them! If it is work related cooperative societies, or other forms it may take, be sure of the seriousness of the members involved before you join.

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It is really a wheel barrow to assist you in carrying your “load”! If you don’t know about any, get your serious friends together and form one.

By the time your next house rent comes around,you would have saved up enough to cover the whole payment.

Rethink the way you shop

You’re getting more responsible and becoming an adult, hence, you should learn to prioritise your spending. Instead of lavishly spending on movies at the cinema or cloths, you should rethink the way you shop by setting your priorities right. Your house rent won’t pay itself if you don’t cut costs for it.

Create Multiple Streams Of Income

There are three major aspect of money we need to master which is making it, managing it and multiplying it (then repeating the process without losses).

This is one advantage of being young. You can easily multi-task given the strength of your youth. So, to get more income to cater for your house rent, you may get a second job (or third job) preferably online. Most online jobs are remote and affords anyone the opportunity to work from anywhere.

Eat at home

This is one area that reminds you of how single you are. Like me, you may not like this part despite the fact that it saves cost better than eating from restaurants. So, save more by eating from home and that means you should be able to cook.

Automate Your House Rent Payment

You may leave a standing order with your banker to automatically deduct a particular sum from your account every month and post it into another account.

For example, if we employ the narrative of N600,000 annual rent, which we used earlier, it would imply that on a monthly basis the amount that would go towards house rent from your salary would be nothing less than N50,000.

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You can leave a standing order with your banker to automatically deduct this amount every month from your account and post it into another account.

This way, your account will have accumulated N600 thousand by the end of the year and you would be able to pay off your house rent without stress.

Never pay your house rent in cash

It is advisable you pay your house rent by transferring it directly to your landlord or caretaker’s bank account so as to avoid spending it before your landlord becomes available to receive your payment.

Befriend Your Landlord 

I believe in the saying that your attitude determines your altitude.

Please note that the following humble suggestion is for all tenants no matter how “bad” your landlord may seem to be! You have heard the saying that, if your enemy is hungry, feed him.

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A great man once said, “There is no way you will spray perfume on others and it won’t smell on your hands”. Bottom line is, be good to your landlord, even if he is unkind to you. The state of affairs will turn in your favor; it is just a matter of time!

When he comes knocking for his house rent and you understandably haven’t been able to garner enough to pay him, he may reason with you and give you time to sought yourself out.

You must have gotten inspired by better tips while reading this. Be kind enough to share in the comment section below.

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