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The BROUHAHA of OGA MARTINS 2.0 | Finale

The BROUHAHA of OGA MARTINS 2.0 | Finale

Today, we draw the curtains on the first ever fictional real estate blog series “The Brouhaha of Oga Martins”. You will agree with me that its been a roller coaster ride through the tumultuous pathways in the life of Oga Martins. Martins came, he saw, but did he conquer? I’m sure you have the answer already.

We want to appreciate our esteemed readers who have kept faith with us all through the 40 episodes of this series that has made it a readers delight. Its because of ‘you’ guys we got this far; your comments and views kept us going. We also want to use this medium to congratulate the winners of last week’s quiz. Your intelligent answers laid credence to the large viewership we derived from  “The Brouhaha of Oga Martins”.

We are also pleased to inform you that we would be starting a new series in 2016, and based on popular demand our protagonist still remains Oga Martins as he forges new paths and begins a new quest in life.

Oya scroll down to read the final episode…..Cheerio!


Martins started out in Realty Point Limited as a mere marketer who was struggling to make ends meet. However, the rate at which he rose up the ladder within a short period of time held every staff and even the MD of the company spellbound. After Ada was declared missing and one month had passed by with no news of her, it was time to get a replacement for her and the company intended looking inwards. Johnson, Tobore; an outsider who had applied for the job, and surprisingly Martins who was the most recent addition to the company were interviewed for the job. Out of everyone interviewed, Martins had the least qualification. However he won the hearts of the interviewers not because of his milestone achievements as a marketer in the little while he joined the company but because he was the best for the Job if the interview was anything to go by.

The year Martins was appointed head of Marketing, he also won an award for the best marketer and staff of Realty Point Limited. That same year, Martins tied the nuptial knots with Aisha who had been instrumental in many deals Martins brokered. Martins was making sales and huge returns for the company as a marketer. The following year, the company had the biggest real estate deal in their kitty during his stint as head of Marketing. In fact, the name Martins was synonymous to the sales of land as far as Realty Point was concerned.

Martins had become a millionaire in two years and his salary increase didn’t even make any difference. He never even touched it. The commission he made from the sales of land was so much that he sometimes gave some of his clients to Lanre and Johnson to help out when it seemed that there was so much for him to do.

Martins second year in the company was even far better than his first; the dude was skyrocketing on cloud nine. For the second year in a row he won the award for best staff; a feat that was the first of its kind in the company. That year, the company had to fight tooth and nail to keep their best staff as their fiercest competitor wanted Martins in their fold for twice the amount he earned at Realty Point Limited.

Lagos Gardens was ready to break the banks to bring Martins into their fold. By that time his qualifications had grown, his reputation had increased and his ranks in Realty Point was beginning to swell. Martins had even sacked his landlord and had become a landlord himself. Having moved from the Mini flat he had been managing after leaving Deji’s domain to his newly completed duplex at his company’s Roseberry estate in Agbara. The new home ushered in a new born baby; Martins marriage to Aisha was blessed with a baby boy at that time.

Finally, Martins was living his life; the life he had imagined and dreamed of for years untold. Now, Martins was spending his third year in Realty Point Limited and he had risen from Head of Marketing to Business Development Executive and at the moment he was in a position that felt like a miracle to him. Patience is indeed a virtue

Today is his second year wedding anniversary and once again Martins had totally forgotten. His wife had come around unannounced with the intention of surprising her husband.

Aisha walked elegantly into Martins’ state of the arts office that looked more like a living room than an office. She was flamboyantly dressed. Martins rose from his seat as he walked longingly towards his adorable wife beaming with smiles like he would be gunned down if he didn’t.

“What a surprise!”

“Good day love.”

Martins drew her into his warm embrace. He held on to her longer than usual like they had not seen each other before he left for work that morning.

“You look stunning”

“I do?” Aisha turned around as Martins beholds her presence.

“Yes, you really look good.”

“I had to spend more time in front of my mirror than usual. I know you don’t know what today is?”


“Yes, today.”

“It’s definitely not your birthday”

“Forget it, you usually don’t remember that either…” Martins looks at his wife pleadingly.

“Baby, you really don’t know what today is?” Martins thoughts trail

“I’m sorry love, I don’t have a clue. So many things on my mind and you know I’m not so good with dates”

“Yeah, right! Today is our wedding anniversary boo”

“Oh my God! How could I have forgotten?”

“You owe me a dinner date tonight at a Chinese restaurant”

“At your service ma’am”

“…And I’m here to take you out for lunch”


“Yes.” Aisha hands Martins a parcel. “Happy wedding anniversary to the most amazing husband on earth”

“Awww, thanks love! I’m overwhelmed” Martins kisses her lovingly.

“Happy wedding Anniversary Mammy!”


The Brouhaha ends….

A new series of Oga Martins returns n January 2016. Keep this page bookmarked and be on the lookout.

This series is sponsored by REALTY POINT LIMITED, the Sack Your Landlord People.


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