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Top 3 Places To Spend Your Christmas Holiday

Are you at a loss as to where to be this Christmas? Wonder no more! Your confusion just took a nosedive. This article gives us three options of possible destinations in this yuletide season.

The Yuletide season is a time of the year that most humans on this planet look forward to with aplomb and upbeat expectations even when your pocket is empty. Who can tell what Santa has in store for you this Christmas.

Therefore, we thought we should put you in the mood of the festive period by dishing out our top three possible destinations in Nigeria this Christmas. Oya let the road trip begin; abi na plane or na Eagle, even broomstick self. Just make sure you are on a trip.

If you are not in Calabar this Christmas then you are no where in Nigeria. This is the best time of the year to be in Cali. Asides the fact that Calabar has a serene atmosphere, it is a fun spot with amazing tourist sites. The city also referred to as cannaan city is home to Africa’s biggest street party at this time of the year and that’s why it should be the most preferred destination in Nigeria as far as the season is concerned.

calabar carnival

Since its inception in 2004 by the then Governor, Donald Duke, Calabar carnival has lived up to its billings and continues to be reckoned as one of the biggest and most entertaining showpiece in black Africa. Little wonder it got the top spot.

lagos fun spot
Okay, if not that this mega-city is an all-comers affair I’m not sure it should have made this least. Albeit, the city is like a necessary evil, you can’t just do without it. Amid the inherent challenges of rapid urbanization like high crime rate, environmental degradation, traffic congestion, high cost of living and maybe high case of insanity, Lagos still stands atop with reckless pride. Don’t be fooled when that close friend of yours says he wants to leave Lagos to another city in Nigeria to celebrate the yuletide season; Its not because he wouldn’t enjoy the season here. In fact his fear may just be the unrivaled and excessive excitement that may just stone him cold, and of course he may only be running away from friends and family due to the poor state of his account. So, he opts for a less-exciting place where he can enjoy the festivities in one peace; far away from friends and his extended family; away from the fun-fare that sometimes goes overboard in Lasgidi.


There are just too many places in Lagos you can have mad fun during this christmas that you may even get confused on where to go at some point. You can visit the beaches like Lagos Bar Beach, Ogogoro Island Lekki Beach, Elegushi and Alpha Beach.

Christmas in Lagos is from dusk to dawn; you must not be found dozing, don’t even blink because the next moment you open your eyes, Lagosians would have started the new year already.



If you are looking for a place with less population and noise as compared to Lagos, yet be certain to get as much fun as you would have enjoyed in Lasgidi, then Abuja should be your port of call. The orderliness and serenity in this city is unequaled.  Abuja enjoys the alluring privileges of a Federal Capital City, privileges that extends to festivities. Wonderland amusement Park, Millenium Park and Jabi lakeside are some of the fun places to be in Abuja this Christmas.


That’s our list of top three possible destination or places of interest this Christmas. If you are still bereft of ideas as to where to be this Christmas, then you should probably stay where you are at the moment and don’t move an inch. Not everyone is destined to have fun; some just create the fun for others to enjoy. I dey kukuma go Calabar as I dey so. In fact, na plane I dey when I say make I type this article. See you in 2016!

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