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A JUDAS among house owners | #SackYourLandlord

The tyrannical belittlement of landlords cannot be over flogged; erratic rent increments inversely proportional to comfort, incessant rants on tenants in a show of superiority and forceful ejection after few months default on rents. I can go on and on.

If the aforementioned practices are norms for landlords, then my landlord is a ‘Judas’. A man in his early sixties, though not too literate in the things of law would seek legal suggestions before embarking on tenant eviction. A man with no favourites who would treat his children as equals with his tenants.

Once a tenant was in family crisis; his wife whisked away their only daughter and his savings and ghosted away. He searched fruitlessly for them and neared paying with his job. Our landlord called him one Sunday, sat him down like a father and gave him useful tips on how to handle the situation. The most astonishing thing he did that day was granting the tenant a grace of four months to sort himself out before he would worry about paying rents.

This kind and humane gestures some tenants tend to abuse by springing one excuse or the other not to pay their rents even when they had the money. They were times he would stare at their faces as they mouthed their pathetic lies and gulp down thick stony balls of saliva and wave them away afterwards. Those times they would walk away with smile creamed faces and term him gullible. They were however other times his patience failed him and he would scream at the top of his voice in resistance, playing to them his own urgent needs. Those times they tagged him wicked and insensitive. Because of the insincerity of the few, the majority often pays the price of his anger.

My landlord resisted his wife from playing the bossy landlady. There was an incidence that made me sell him my unwavering respect. One of the tenants’ children fell sick, stooling and rolling uncomfortably on the ground. The couple were in great discomfort as they looked for a way to get the child to the hospital. Though they had a motorcycle, they couldn’t drive it that night because of the curfew imposed by the government on motorcycle operation beyond eight pm. It was already somewhere beyond ten pm.

The couple ran to the landlord’s door and banged repeatedly. He opened the door and asked them what the problem was in a deep sleepy voice. Before they concluded their story he went inside and fetched his car keys and drove them to the hospital.

There is one man that price life over property, a man that would never brag with his possessions.  That man is my landlord. And when you ask him why he does what he does, he would smile and say, ‘Echi di ime’ meaning, ‘Tomorrow is pregnant’.

 AUTHOR: Anthony Emecheta


  1. Wonderful! that’s the word, you’ve got what it takes dear, got so engrossed reading it that I didn’t want it to end, keep it up!!!

  2. Ehn?? This kind landlord dey? The end of the world is near, then. hahahah.

    Nice piece, bro!

  3. Truly such Judas amongst landlords do exist. Knowing tomorrow is pregnant and life itself unpredictable, in whatever situation you find yourself, be it at the top, middle or bottom; always remember that whatever you sow, you shall definitely reap. Nice one Tony. Best if luck.

  4. Ehn? tgus kyn Landlord dey? The end of the world is near. lol. Awesome piece, homie 😀

  5. Hmmmmn. cool n beautiful piece.
    thanks @author. for the creative #edutainment

  6. Ds piece in a few words is Awesome.
    An essay dat shd b published. I tell you de founders of literature must b proud for dia labour has paid off.
    Gud to know our great nation Nigeria still has so gud a writer in our day………Can I commend? it’s a Yes.
    Salute Sir Emecheta.

  7. Best wishes bro. It is well

  8. Best wishes bro

  9. Madueke Onyedikachi

    Nice piece

  10. Chukwunonso Daniel Ogbe

    I love this. We have good landlords, same way we have wicked landlords. Nevertheless, the vital message being passed across to us is that we shouldn’t lose our humanity because of the position we occupy in life, be it landlord, governor, office boss, or caretaker.

  11. Ugochukwu Obiako

    Great stride. Keep up.

  12. Umunnakwe Emeka Timothy

    I like this piece. The setting is universal and the plot unique. The diction is relatively simple making the reading more interesting… Keep more coming.

  13. ozurumba chichi

    Nice ..so so interesting

  14. Good one, echi di ime indeed,more grace 2 u

  15. I sometime wonder why ur books ain’t on sale yet cos u got all it takes to be a Gud writer. u deal wit reality in a fictitious way. I love ur work just as much as I love u. best of lock honey. more strength to ur elbow.

  16. Nworgu Uchenna

    Nice piece


    Thanks for this lovely story

  18. Ozonkwo Ejike RIchard

    Very Lovely and creative…

  19. Okafor Luke Chidozie

    A very nice piece of fiction

  20. Neydu Wordsmith

    Good Piece. We must never treat anyone condescendingly. I agree, ‘ Echi di ime.’

  21. The plot is ok, you are just few cm away from becoming another king in short story (another Achebe)


  23. Very original… Portrays without dilution the a typical landlord to Tennant relationship anywhere in the country.. Congrats ..

  24. Nice piece of writing.

  25. Olubunmi Nasiru

    Well done. Bon chance!

  26. Emecheta Innocent

    i like the story line

  27. Nnemelu ifeayoluchkwu

    This is a beautiful essay.. Am proud of you cuz

  28. Thank you Ada, my love of life 😀

  29. This is creativity at its peak. I’m proud to be associated with you my friend.

  30. nothing beats a fiction with a conscience. this speaks to the reader in so many ways and that’s why we love stories.

  31. I really appreciate your insightful piece of writing. Keep on rocking dear 🙂

  32. nothing beats fiction with a conscience. this speaks to its reader in do many ways that the reader begins to feel like a character too. that’s what great stories are made of.

  33. ezeaneto nebechukwu

    I love d plot and the fiction, d story is creatively crafted

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