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Ambode Sacks Lagos State Building Control Agency GM

Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, on Monday sacked the General Manager of the Lagos State Building Control Agency, Mr. Adeigbe Olusola, over the Lekki Gardens building collapse.

The Governor’s decision followed an investigation indicting the General Manager for negligence in the Lekki Gardens building collapse.

In a statement issued Monday, Mr. Ambode also fired Adeoye Adeyemi, the Head of Inspection and Quality Control in the Agency; and Dosunmu Gbadebo, the Zonal District Officer in the Agency.

Sherifat Akinde, the Zonal Head of Eti-Osa West of LASBCA, was compulsorily retired from the Civil Service.

The Governor warned other public officials, private building owners, contractors to always adhere to building plans and approval on their structural drawings during construction.

Over 30 people died when the five-storey building which was under construction collapsed at Lekki area of Lagos.

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  1. Sikirullahi Kasali

    13, Cole Street, Olowogbowo, Lagos Island, Lagos

    13th March, 2017

    The General Manager
    Lagos State Building Control Agency
    Old Secretariat Building
    Off Oba Akinjobi Way
    Ikeja GRA

    Dear Sir,

    It gives me a good sense of responsibility to draw your attention to the distressed 3-storey building constructed on a small piece of land which could not carry the weight of the 3-storey story as a result of inadequate foundation of the building which is located at no. 9 Cole Street, Olowogbowo Area of Lagos Island, Lagos State. We so much believe in the mission of Lagos State Building Control Agency which is to ensure that building in Lagos State are designed, constructed and maintained high standard of safety, avoiding loss of live and property through its building regulatory system that is the reason why this petition is forwarded to you for your appropriate action to prevent incidence of building collapse at no. 9 Cole Street, Olowgbowo Area of Lagos State.
    The name of the property owner of no. 9, Cole Street, Olowogbowo is Mr. Hakeem Ariganjoye. Mr. Hakeem Ariganjoye originally purchased the property as room and parlous self-contained bungalow without any space on the two sides of the property except the passage which is not part of the property he bought. The passage is the only way other property owners in the same compound used to pass to their respective properties. The main entrance of the compound has standard gate. The compound consists of three different buildings and all the buildings therein are bungalows. Mr. Hakeem Ariganjoye’s property is the first building where the other two buildings are at the back. Mr. Hakeem Ariganjoye unilaterally removed the main gate of the compound which did not tamper with the property he bought and expanded the foundation of his three-storey building to the passage of the compound which is beyond the space of the property he bought originally. The survey plan of the property he originally bought can clearly prove me right that Mr. Hakeem Ariganjuoye had built his three-storey building beyond his land space. He has made the passage to be very small and the main gate could no longer be erected in its normal position because of his selfish interest. The attached pictures will give details.
    The foundation of the three-storey building is inadequate which can lead to the incidence of collapse of building despite the fact that he encroached into the passage of the compound where other property owners are passing to their respective properties. This is another case for Mr. Hakeem Ariganjuye because he had built his three-storey building beyond the space of the property he originally bought.
    I was highly surprised with a great panic to discover that Mr. Hakeem Ariganjoye had built 3-storey building on such small piece of land without adequate foundation.
    There was a particular agency that stopped continuation of works on the building sometime ago because of its defectiveness and unfitness of such huge building on the small piece of land without adequate foundation. Later, works continued again on the said building without official approval. Mr. Hakeem Ariganjuye categorically pronounced that he had bribed the officials who came to stopped works on the building.
    Mr. Hakeem Ariganjuye assaulted and threatened those who confronted him in respect of the danger associated with the three-storey he was building on the small piece of land with police. Even, Mr. Hakeem Aroganjuye claimed that nobody could prevent him from completing the building even the authorities would only collect money and keep off.
    I wish to bring to your notice that Mr. Hakeem Ariganjuye did not obtain necessary building permits from relevant government agencies before he started and finished the construction of the unfit three-storey building on such small piece of land without adequate foundation.
    This unfit three-storey created a panic into the minds of the residents of the area because of the menace of incidence of building collapse. The issue of safety of buildings and the citizens of Lagos State are very paramount in mind of our amiable governor of Lagos State, His Excellency, Mr. Akinwumi Ambode.
    I appeal to you to come to our aid so as to not let Mr. Hakeem Ariganjuye’s selfish interest to claim the lives of the residents of the area in order not to frustrate the efforts of our Lagos State Governor regarding his intention to reduce the incidence of building collapse in Lagos State.
    Mr. Hakeem Ariganjuye did not comply with the terms and conditions of building regulatory system in Lagos State. He so much believes that his money can create illegal chance for him to do any illegal thing without any relevant documents and approvals.
    I humbly request you to ask Mr. Hakeem Ariganjuye to show the building permits and approvals obtained from the appropriate Agencies before he started construction of the unfit three storey building and confirm the authenticity of the said documents from the relevant government agencies and the Certificate of Completion and Fitness for Habitation he received from your Agency.
    I want you to use your good office to ensure that justice is done accordingly on the unfit three-storey building constructed by Mr. Hakeem Ariganjuye at no. 9, Cole Street, Olowogbowo, Lagos Island to prevent incidence of building collapse which can claim several lives. It will also be appreciated if the passage space encroached by Mr. Hakeem Ariganjuye be reverted and the main gate be erected in its normal position with the pillars on the two sides by Mr. Hakeem Ariganjuye.
    I really acknowledged the appreciable progress your agency has made since its establishment.
    Thank you for your understanding

    Sikirullah Kasali

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