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Which part of your apartment do you love the most and why ?
A Section of an apartment

Which part of your apartment do you love the most?

Our apartment often times become a part of our lives that we tend to love one part more than the other.

We enjoy spending quality time in those specified areas that carrying out our day to day activities go smoothly.

That’s why we decided to carry out an opinion poll to hear people’s views.

The responses however will give you an insight on what to introduce into your apartment.

The replies got were hilarious, captivating and at the same time something you can learn from.

Here are the replies below:

Mojisola said her reading table; It makes her come alive. She loves spending quality time there.

Tunde disclosed he loves the entrance because it is so attractive.

I find Tunde’s opinion quite interesting.  His entrance must be really nice indeed.

Most people said they love their bedroom especially if their bed is beside a socket which helps them to charge their phones while they relax and chat with friends.

Few people said it’s just because they love their privacy.

Some chose their kitchen because of the special delicacies they are able to get from there

Trust Nigerians to bring humour into everything.

Omowunmi said she loves her toilet because it’s conducive for reading.

Rachel says her toilet is her hide out to run away from doing house chores while another said that’s where she gets to eat stolen meat in peace.

Adedoyin said she doesn’t like any part of her house so we asked her if she prefers to live in the bush instead.

She replied that she loves her balcony.

That’s still part of her house anyway.

I hope you found this segment interesting and educating.

Feel free to add yours and also include some parts that are missing in your apartment that you would love to add in the comment box below..

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