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Are Landlords complying with Lagos Tenancy Law?

The Lagos State Governor introduced the Tenancy Law in 2011, stating that the responsibility now falls on all property owners to make life bearable for those who rent their properties. How has this Law worked so far?

Section 4(3) states that for new tenants, it will be unlawful for a landlord or his agent to demand or receive rent in excess of 1 year in respect of any premises with the provision for a contravention of the provisions constituting an offence for which anyone found guilty will be liable to a fine of N100, 000.00 or 3 months imprisonment.

Put simply – Landlord should only demand one year rent from prospective tenants.

It is true this law cannot on its own solve the housing deficit problem in Lagos state and Nigeria as a whole but would go a long way to alter the way of life of a tenant and reduce the pressure they have to go through to provide shelter over their head.

Today we want to hear from people out there as usual. Has this section of the tenancy law been adhered to?

Had different conversations with two agents operating in different locations of the state, which falls under Ifako Ijaiye Local government and Isolo Local government.


Agent Jimoh stated that for the area of Ogba he covers (under Ifako Ijaiye LGA) most house owners adhere to the law. They mostly collect 1year rent. There have been cases and are still cases where the landlord insists on 1 and half year rent but later accept 1year after being pleaded with by the prospective tenant. All in all, he said 90% of landlords in the axis he covers have been demanding/receiving rent of 1year.


Another agent fondly called ‘Baba Jimoh’ stated that the number of landlords who would still want to demand rent higher than 1year can be counted on one hand. However, when asked to give a percentage of the landlords obedient to the law he said 80% adhere to the law in the area he covers.


Using the comment section and various social media platforms, let’s have this discussed on #ShelterMatters. Rate the Landlords in your area or share your personal experience with any landlord. Do landlords still demand more than what the law requires in your area? Join us at 3pm for extensive discussion. Let your voice be heard. Remember the hashtag #ShelterMatters

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