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When Is The Right Age To Buy A House In Nigeria?

When is the right age to buy a house in Nigeria

In your honest opinion, when do you think is the right age to buy a house? At what point in life should an individual begin to consider acquiring a land and building his first house? This is an issue i would be addressing today, so take your time to digest this article carefully. Buying a house, is one of, if not ...

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Where & How To Find Coworking Spaces In Lagos

coworking spaces in lagos

Startups in Nigeria often face the challenge of having little or no funding, as well as inability to maintain a physical office space. However, the need for an office structure by these startups is being effectively catered for by the sheer increase in number of coworking spaces. One of the ways to support Startups in their early stages of their ...

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5 Ways We Can Prevent Accidents In Homes


We often think of our homes as our safe havens, but that’s not always the case. Hundreds of thousands of accidents in and around the home occur each year, with close to half of all injuries and deaths happening right under someone’s roof. This article talks about what we can do to prevent accidents in our homes. There’s no need ...

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5 Nigerian Kings who are big players in the Lagos real estate scenery

5 Nigerian Kings who are big players in Lagos real estate scenery

In Nigeria’s real estate sector today, particularly Lagos, there are a number of top Nigerian kings and monarchs who have overtime, become quite influential when discussions regarding the sector are being made.  These are first-class Obas in their own right who have relative measures of strong-hold on their respective empires (communities) and bring about peace & orderliness among their people. To a large ...

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List of top mortgage banks in Nigeria

List Of Top Mortgage Banks In Nigeria

Following an article i wrote a couple of weeks ago on the history of mortgage in Nigeria, i got some feedback from readers asking that i recommend trusted mortgage banks in Nigeria that they can possibly reach out to for loans. This article which is a sequel to that one, is set to address those questions and in it you will find ...

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15 house hunting struggles only Nigerians can relate to

15 House Hunting Struggles Most Nigerians Can Relate To

This list is a compilation of things most Nigerians who have gone house hunting sometime in the past have probably experienced. Please note that this list is my own light attempt at humour and trying to make you laugh after a hard day at work. Laughter as they say, is the best medicine; so feel free to laugh. House hunting ...

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Top 10 Most Expensive Secondary Schools In Lagos

Chrisland Schools - Top Secondary Schools

This article is a compilation of top secondary schools in Lagos and features the best schools you may want to consider enrolling your kids into. Searching for the right secondary schools in Lagos for your kids after you just moved into a new neighborhood can be a pretty daunting task. To most people, education is that magic key that opens that hypothetical door ...

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