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Bad Market – Episode 5

Bad market - episode 6

Timi heaved a sigh of relief the moment he was out of Alhaji Kazeem’s hair. He never saw it coming. It had all happened in a flash without prior warning.  ::::::::::::::::::::::::Read previous episode here:::::::::::::::::::::: Timi thought his inordinate affair with Hajia Fadiga had been discreet enough until the Alhaji’s discovery and subsequent onslaught proved otherwise. “I should have known that Fadiga ...

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Virtual Office Business in Nigeria

Virtual office business

The virtual office business idea came from a combination of technological innovation and the information age. The concept has roots in life before (and even during) the Industrial revolution where parallels to current work styles, specifically working from home, have been drawn.  The virtual office concept is an evolution of the executive suite industry. However, the inflexibility of an executive ...

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Lagos plans to review tenancy law

Lagos plans tenancy law review

In what would serve as good news to a lot of Tenants and maybe some quarters of Landlords across the state, the Lagos State Government is planning tenancy law review in the state. The Lagos State Law Reform Commission has said that it has identified the need to review certain provisions of the existing Lagos State Tenancy Law of 2011 ...

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8 Weirdest Apartments in the World

weirdest apartments

This article showcases the eight of the world’d weirdest apartments. These apartments come in different size, shape and decor; they are apartments you never knew existed. Some apartments go against the norm in terms of design; these apartments have rooms with strange interior décor and arrangements. Some of these apartments are pretty too small to fit as a home but ...

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Top 3 Things To Consider Before Going Into Real Estate Investment

real estate investment opportunity

Real estate investment opportunity is one of the safest businesses in Nigeria that guarantees returns on your investment if you do it well. This article reveals three things you should consider before going into real estate investment. Real estate happens to be one of the three basic needs for human beings to survive in the aspect of shelter. The other ...

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How Flooding Can Affect Real Estate Value

imminent flooding in Niger, Kwara and Kogi

The issue of climate change and its consequences is all over the media and has moved up the political agenda. Occurrence and severity of natural disasters increases daily. Flooding is one of the most common natural disasters in the world.  The risk of flooding has always been present for buildings close to rivers or coasts but it has been growing ...

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Bad Market – Episode 4

Bad market - episode 6

“There has to be a mistake somewhere- call it a case of mistaken identity. This Alhaji has no idea of my personality. His mind must really be playing deadly tricks on him. I can be accused of many things but definitely not sleeping with another man’s wife.” I couldn’t even woo a girl successfully, how much more taking her to ...

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The Ills of Displacement and Resettlement of People in Rural Areas

Displacement and resettlement

Displacement and resettlement affect mostly rural people, who also bear a disproportionate share of the costs of infrastructure on the one hand, and climate change on the other, especially in situations where a dam or hydroelectric power station need to be stationed. This article delves into the ills of displacement and resettlement of people in rural areas. The term displacement ...

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The Urban Housing Crisis in Nigeria

urban housing crisis in Nigeria

Housing is a basic necessity of life without prejudice for economic condition. In spite of this, suffice to say that an urban housing crisis exists in Nigeria, not forgetting the fact that housing problem is universal. In this article we take a look at the urban housing crisis in Nigeria One of the basic needs of man is shelter and ...

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Are High-Rise Buildings Good or Bad For People?

high-rise buildings

What is bad or good about high-rise buildings? In the light of the Grenfell Towers disaster in London where over 80 people have been confirmed dead, it is expedient we weigh the risk involved in living and working in high-rise building.  The Grenfell Towers fire disaster is not the first time an ugly incident in a high-rise building will lead ...

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