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The Complete Guide On How To Avoid The Frustrating Lagos Traffic

The Complete Guide On How To Avoid The Frustrating Lagos Traffic

In this article, I will share valuable traffic hacks that can easily help you navigate around the state without having to face the infamous Lagos traffic.

One of the few things a first-time visitor probably learns within an hour of stepping foot into Lagos is the notoriety of its traffic.

You don’t need to have been in the state for too long to realize that the only thing synonymous to Lagos is the legendary Lagos traffic. 

A frustrating feature that was never there in the 1980s.

However, due to population explosion, traffic has become a thorny issue which has defied solutions so far. It must also be said that the lack of diversity of the Lagos and Nigerian transport system has put so much pressure on the road. Hence, the everyday monster traffic in the city.

For someone like me, who have been living in the state all my life, i can possibly say i have gotten used to the situation and adapted to it.

But for first-time visitors, like I mentioned earlier, I will be sharing traffic hacks that can easily help you navigate yourself around the state and avoid traffic.

Leave home earlier

Just because traffic can’t be predicted, it is best to leave home 2-3 hours before appointment time. It is always better to be earlier, than to be late for an appointment.

What you should simply do is to leave home early to avoid traffic. For an 8am appointment, you should leave home 5am. This is the daily routine of an average Lagosian who resides in the Ipaja area of Lagos and works on the Island.

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Don’t waste your time with Danfo drivers

Whether you are in a commercial bus (popularly called danfo) or driving your own car, you should not waste your time with the danfos. They are one of the major causes of the traffic as they pick and drop passengers right in the middle of the road.

Do not talk to them when they pick passengers on the highway and you should let them go when they hit your car especially when the damage is not serious, otherwise they will just waste your precious time.

Map out alternative routes

Avoid using major routes! Fact is traffic will most likely to be on major roads that leads to industrial and commercial areas.

So instead of taking routes an average Lagosian will take, try taking another route. E.g you work in Lekki, The 3 mainland bridge route is the most used to get to the island… But instead you can try taking Ikorodu road route.

Use your seat belt

Lagos State Traffic Management (LASTMA) officials are always on the prowl searching for traffic offenders to use as scapegoats. Often times, some Lagosians get rid of their seat belts due to the traffic. You shouldn’t do this if you don’t want Lastma palaver.

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Leave your car at home

There are some impossible traffic situations you will encounter in Lagos that you regret not leaving your car at home and using a commercial bus. Truth is, you cannot always abandon your car at home. However, depending on where you are, you can decide to leave your car at home or go with your friend or neighbour. At least, there will be one less car on the road.

Follow traffic reports

Before leaving home or while in your car, make sure you stay updated with the traffic report on TV, radio, social media. There are a couple of handles on twitter like giditraffic who have made it their jobs to keep people updated about lagos traffic situations.

Enjoy the traffic

Lagos traffic can be very boring and frustrating at times. Despite this, you will always find something that will make you laugh and lighten your mood. Is it the conductor fighting the passenger because of change or the Lastma official who jumps into of a moving car? This will help you worry less about the gridlock.

Leave Lagos

Hpw to avoid lagos traffic

This is the surest way to beat the Lagos traffic.

Go! Move to Ogun State or Ibadan or anywhere else and don’t look back. Sure, there will still be traffic on your way out of Lagos, but look on the bright side, It’s the last time.

We would love to read your opinions in the comments section below.

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