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Middle of a lake

The Beautiful But Strange Church In The Middle of a Lake

We’ve seen houses built on trees, hills and even water, but have you heard of a church built in the middle of a lake?

Away from the hustle of big cities stands the Church of Andrew the Apostle, built on a tiny island on Lake Vuoksa in Russia.

This Orthodox chapel is in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s only church built on a tiny island, which serves as the foundation of monolithic rock protruding from the water.
The church was built in 2000 by an architect named Andrei. It was named after St. Andrew, one of the twelve disciples.


There are no organized Christian ceremonies or mass. This place is more for privacy with nature to reflect on the events of your life and have a quiet conversation with God in a relaxed atmosphere.

The wonder church can only be reached by boat or ferry…

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