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Why Your Bedroom Is The Most Important Room In Your Life

Your Bedroom is the one room in your life that most affects your ability to be powerful, healthy, happy, and wealthy. If your bedroom is not perfectly lovely, restful and delicious, you are missing a great opportunity to live a joyous, juicy and rich life. This article explains why your bedroom is the most important room in your life.

In all truth, your bedroom is where you spend most of your timewhere your body needs to renew itself ,where you are most vulnerable, where you reconnect with yourself, Source and Significant Other and where you can have the biggest impact on your life.
Here are a few things that you can focus on to begin to correct the negatives and accentuate the positive.
1. Clutter — Remove everything that doesn’t make your heart calm and happy.  This is where it gets most challenging for us, but if you can be clear about only what it is that you need, you’ll actually sleep better, loose weight (if you want to) and have more time in your life.
2. What do you see when you enter the room?  This sets the tone for what you’ll experience.  Make sure it’s restful, beautiful and calming.
3. Power Position — Place your bed where you can see the door and the entire room.  Not under a window or between and window and door, and don’t have your feet pointing out the door.  If your bed must be next to a door, place something as a barrier between the door and your body, like a nightstand with a lamp.
4.  Who’s with you and how do you honor that? Want to stay happily married or get married?  If you want an equal and joyful relationship, make sure both sides of the bed are equally accessible, have equally beautiful treatments and nightstands.
5.  Photos and Artwork:  what is the subject of the art? Is it beautiful and restful?  Remove abstracts and photos with water.  (It depends:  if you have your electronics in your room or you are sleeping with your office, that might be your way of balancing energy…but it’s a stop gap measure that is not the best.)  Remove images with racing, rushing or fast moving energy.  Place images of what it is that you want to create in your life…romance, health, vacation, etc.

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