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It’s another Wednesday, and the struggle continues for Oga Martins just as it continues for most of us. He is under a tough condition on his first day at work; he must seal a deal or lose his job. As you read this episode, you will be required to share your views in the comment section. Tell us what you think about the story so far, and how you think Oga Martins can pull through this. Real Estate business is SERIOUS business!.

All thanks to REALTY POINT LIMITED who have brought this FIRST EVER REAL ESTATE SERIES in NIGERIA to your reading. We believe this series will help you understand some processes in real estate, avoid pitfalls in real estate investment, and appreciate real estate practitioners more. Happy reading.

Let’s get on with the BROUHAHA of OGA MARTINS.

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Martins shivered as he walked into the office. His reaction wasn’t because the air-conditioning was high. In fact, it was perfect considering the weather was hot. His reaction was out of fear of what laid ahead. He turned and looked back, hoping for some moral support but he was not to have it as the door closed gently behind him. He looked forward and was glad the seat was empty. At least he had a moment of respite to gather his wits around him, compose himself and just maybe change his fate for that day since nothing had worked out well thus far. He stood, not sure whether to take the seat before the glass worktable that stood between him and the person that was to determine his fate. He decided not to. Rather than admire the beauty of the well-decorated but practical office, Martins wondered why Aisha had allowed him to see her MD. Considering what had transpired between them, he didn’t think she would have let him come five inches close.

Ordinarily, he should have been happy to see her after all, they were old time buddies. All he had to do was ride on that relationship to seal the deal and ultimately win the challenge thrown at him by Ada but the reverse was the case. The fact that Aisha was the P.A of the man he needed to convince only made his job difficult. His throat had constricted in fear when Aisha had looked at him with that beautiful smile of hers and murmured, “This is interesting.”

He knew the only interesting thing for Aisha about the situation was that it gave her the opportunity for revenge and considering his job depended on his ability to seal the deal, he had groveled at her feet. He literally would have gone on his knees and held her leg, pleading for mercy if there hadn’t been another occupant in the room.
“Aisha, please, I beg you, I need to see him.”

“Unfortunately, the MD is in a meeting.” she stated. “And I’m surprised Ada sent you here.”


“Because she has tried to convince my boss and he is not interested in buying”

Martins stared at her in shock, stuttering as he wondered why Ada had sent him on ‘Mission Impossible’. “Ha… I… Maybe…. He… She thought… you know… he might change his mind.”

“I doubt that,” she stated, a mocking smile on her face.

Martins scratched his head in frustration but stopped when Aisha continued to stare at him with that mocking smile. “Please just give me a chance,” he pleaded. He knew he sounded and looked desperate but he didn’t care.

“What I can do is to let the MD know you came.”

“Can’t I at least see him?” he asked. He didn’t trust her to do as she said. She probably was just telling him anything to make him leave.

“Why?” she demanded as she glared at him, the smile gone from her face. Maybe it was his imagination but Martins thought her look became vindictive.

“Aisha, I know you are angry with me and you….”

“Angry with you for what?” she queried, feigning ignorance

They both knew what but there was no point in going over it. He held her gaze and the statement, ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ jumped to his mind. He had hurt this woman and it was in his best interest if she didn’t release her fury on him; at least not in this way. His look became apologetic. “I’m sorry. I know I caused you deep pain back in school and…”

Aisha chuckled, interrupting him. “It’s been what Martins? Three… four years”

“Four years actually”

“It’s enough to forget”

“Is it enough to forgive?”

She smiled; a slow sad smile as she held his gaze.

“Aisha, please forgive me. My life and livelihood depends on this deal. Ada put me on a condition to get this deal or lose my job. You can punish me in any other way, but help me on this and let me go back to the office with good news”

“It is good to see this day come, to see you grovel at my feet. I wasn’t exactly waiting around for it but I’m glad it’s here and I can’t say I’m not enjoying it.”

Martins scratched his head while Aisha smiled, obviously enjoying his discomfort. She turned towards the receptionist when her name is called.

“The boss wants you.”

“Okay.” She turned back to look at Martins. “The meeting is probably over, I’ll see what I can do,” she said and walked away before he could respond.

After her previous statement, he had not expected her to do anything but he had been pleasantly surprised when she returned a few minutes later and ushered him into her boss’ office. Now he was standing in the middle of the room, waiting for the man to make an entrance.

Even though he had had enough shockers and surprises for one day, the day obviously wasn’t through with him. He wondered which one Aisha’s boss would be: a surprise or a shocker. He turned at the sound of the door being opened to stare at the man who would determine if he kept his job or not.

The BROUHAHA of Oga Martins continues next week…


  1. Crunch time for Martins, I anticipate the next episode.

  2. You people are dragging this story o. Let us know if he will get the job or not.

  3. I don’t understand what is between Aisha and Martins. I expect the MD to disappoint Martins. That’s why this is a series.

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