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Can you propose with a house key?

We have heard a lot of proposals gone wrong. Some say it’s because both parties do not understand their stand with each other while some feel it’s simply because they haven’t proposed properly. We then decided to throw this question of proposing with a house key the air.

Proposing with a house key is not new but we have never for once heard in the news that such proposal was denied. Could there be something special about house keys that we don’t know or should we go with the former impression that they are not just on the same page with each other?

Let’s find out from the reactions below

Oluwatobiloba said, “Be specific with the question. What kind of a house?”

Yetunde also agreed with Oluwatobi that the kind of house involved should be specified because we have ancient houses.

From our survey, we deduced that most ladies wouldn’t mind being proposed to with a house key but the guys have a contrary opinion.

Check out their reactions below

Wale Toke said “Hmmm… Lemme inquire from the Holy Spirit

Musa said “It depends on both parties but if the truth must be spoken, must I propose with treasures?

PraiseGod said for what na?

Peter said, yes. “I can easily get house keys from the market”

Why a house when we are moving in together? Burning bush opined. This question is very fundamental

Oluwapelumi said he would give her keys from a rented apartment. Hmmm

Fawole Opeyemi gave us an outright No without any reason.

You can see for yourselves from this survey that most guys don’t just know what ladies really want.

Do you have a girl you want to marry and you been worried she is going to refuse your proposal?

Worry no more. You have your answer right here. Our statistic show most girls will not say no to your proposal if you chose to get her a house as a proposal gift.

Looking at it from the bright side, if you make your wife to be a home-owner, it automatically makes you a home-owner too. She is happy, you are happy and you both would live happily ever after.

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