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Tips: How To Fast track Your Career Development as a Real Estate Professional

Tips: How To Fast Track Your Career Development as a Real Estate Professional

The only way you can stay at the top of your game and continue to be in-demand is by broadening your skillset and industry knowledge. The tried and tested way is career development.

As a real estate professional, there is always the need to outpace the competition, and the surest way to do this is by continuously developing yourself and what you know about the industry.

I would like to state that although acting on your strong interest to make a business out of real estate is what gets your foot in the door, it is your commitment to an ongoing upskilling that ultimately continues to open them.

Taking my own life experience for instance; I was fresh out of the university with a degree in Estate Management when I decided to float my own Estate agency outfit.

The strong desire to succeed excellently at what I’d chosen was there, but I soon realized that a lot of what I had been taught in the University were useless in the face of the harsh realities that the Nigeria real estate market posed. The dynamics at play in the sector were far more different from all the theory I had consumed whilst in the University.

At some point, I even almost closed shop out of fear of repeated failures and eventually going bankrupt, until I stumbled on a newspaper print that had in it an offer to enroll for a real estate business course, and the course outlines looked a lot like exact solutions to the problems I was facing with my business.

I didn’t hesitate to register and cancel my scheduled inspections so I could attend. My knowledge and the way I use to look at the industry changed since then.

I began to see things a whole lot differently than others were seeing it and this has helped me to where I am today. That company that I almost closed back then out of fear now has subsidiaries and branches in major cities around Nigeria. This was a reality that was but a figment of my imagination, made possible only by my decision to develop myself professionally.

It would be unfair for me to say, that this course was the one that changed everything for me, because in real truth it wasn’t the only one.

I have continued to attend a lot of other professional development courses, seminars and symposiums both in and outside Nigeria since then that has also helped shaped what I have achieved today. But at least, you get the idea. Choosing to professionally develop myself was the key that unlocked everything I wanted!

The world of real estate moves fast and that is the only one effective way to get ahead.

Committing to learning more will keep you on top of the pack. A constant flow of new abilities to draw on will help you tackle new market challenges heads on, while others struggle to adjust.

Whether you are new to the industry or an experienced real estate professional, here are five cogent reasons you need to upskill if you want to be a top performer.

  1. Deliver More Value

The more skills and knowledge you have, the more value you can offer. That’s because, agents who know more, can do more. When you know how to achieve the best results, it’s win-win-win for you, your employer and your clients. What’s more, upskilling not only boosts your productivity and performance but demonstrates to your employer and clients that you are committed to your work. Upskilling, therefore, helps you keep ahead of other candidates and be your market area’s agent-of-choice. 

  1. Stay Relevant

In today’s fast-changing economy, staying up to date has become increasingly hard. As a result, it is important that you understand how to remain relevant. This means knowing the latest tools and techniques to stay top-of-mind with your clients. A good way to do this is by investing in marketing, advertising, and communications courses. For example, taking a digital marketing course can help you understand how to market yourself online, reach the right consumers, and stay relevant to those who matter.

  1. Discover New Opportunities & Network

Whether you are new to the industry or an experienced real estate player, doing whatever in the real estate field, finding new opportunities is how you can develop yourself. Committing to ongoing professional development is a great way to connect with trainers, mentors, and colleagues who can refer you to job openings or business opportunities and help progress your career. As well, upskilling allows you to discover new passions which can lead to new roles you would have otherwise never considered.

For example, undertaking the Real Estate Business Course being offered by Nigeria’s No. 1 School of Estate, will go a long way in equipping you with the skills and knowledge to take charge of your career. Upskilling is, therefore, an effective way to develop your real estate career.

  1. Become a Specialist

Whilst keeping your skills and knowledge up to date is essential, specializing can be even more valuable. Whether your passion is development, investment, consulting, sales or estate/property/facility development, undergoing continuous training is how you can become a specialist/expert in your chosen field and be more in demand by employers and clients.

Being a leading authority on any real estate topic requires the highest commitment to training, which is where School of Estate courses online and In-Class sessions can help. As a result, gaining these specialized skills can help you remain ahead of the curve, be seen as an industry thought leader, and take your career to the next level.

  1. Future-Proof Your Career

To succeed in the real estate industry of tomorrow, you must proactively future-proof your career today.

As you know, the real estate industry is under threat by digital disruption, new business models, and inevitable change. Whether you are new to the industry or an experienced player, you should take your training one step further by keeping on top of trends and technologies impacting the industry. By equipping yourself with the tools to take on any challenges, you give yourself the competitive edge needed to secure your future employment potential.

From this reasons highlighted above, you will see that being committed to continuous development as a professional isn’t an option you should ruminate about for too long!

Ensuring you are up to date with the latest skills and knowledge allows you to remain valuable, relevant and employable now and in the future. Ultimately, the success of your real estate career comes down to how much you are willing to invest in your ongoing education.

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  1. Can some one like me that have NECO GCE apply for this school of real estate? Or is it made for graduated people ? Please kindly furnish me with details on how to apply thanks


    • Yes, you can apply, as far as you have basic learning skills. It is open to everyone who is willing to learn the business of real estate.

      Kindly provide your details via the link in the post, and someone from their team will reach out to you swiftly.

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