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Construction site worker dies

Construction site worker falls off scaffolding and dies instantly

The death of a construction site worker has been blamed on a lack of safety measure meant to prevent such incident.

In Rivers State, Nigeria, the death of an unidentified male constructor site worker who reportedly fell off a scaffolding has produced disturbing images considered gory to the sight.

According to reports, the deceased landed into a compound located beside the building where he was working.

The sad appearance of the witnesses who watched on as his lifeless body laid on the ground reflected the mood at the scene.

On Nairaland, a popular online discussion platform, some members of the community blamed his death on the contractor of the building who they felt should have provided safety items to prevent against such an incident.

A user with the ID ‘Donchyke007’ expressed that the incident is similar to an act of suicide due to a non-availability of protection. “Working on a scaffold without a safety harness is highly suicidal…quite unfortunate for him. Big lesson to be learnt from this mishap. Rip,” a member wrote on the platform.

“The contractor has to arrested, why on earth will he allow a scaffolder climb up the standard without a safety belt? That is suicidal.

“That is why whn companies are employing scaffolder the interview question are mainly based on safety and some will not employ u if u dnt have a safety certificate.

“Climbing the platform without safety belt, is nothing but hazard,” Pierohandsome wrote.

The passing of the deceased is not unprecedented in respect to cases of deaths recorded at construction site(s). Many have occurred without public knowledge.

It has brought attention to the shabby methods employed by building engineers and contractors who seem to be paying little attention to the safety of their workers.

Credit: Pulse

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