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Customs CG explains why Nigeria’s borders are porous

Customs CG explains why Nigeria’s borders are porous

The Nation reports that the Comptroller General of Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) Col Hameed Ali (retd), yesterday, said the nation’s boarders were porous because of their interconnectivity with adjoining nations.

He added that there was no line demarcating Nigeria from its neighbours.

According to him, those living within the nation’s border speak the same language as Nigerians.

This situation, said the Customs boss, made it difficult to claim that a particular border was well secured in Nigeria.

Ali, who spoke with reporters in Abuja, after the opening of the first meeting of the technical committee on security project, said the situation constituted some challenges that the project will address.

His words: “As regards to porous borders, they are across the nation. Everywhere is porous and you can’t say this is a border that is well secured. Ours is porous because we have borders that are virtually interconnected.

“Our brothers and kinsmen live across the borders. If you take Benin Republic for instance, some of us speak the same language, we live within the same border.

“These are parts of the problems and for us this is a security problem. We must address this. We must be able to find a solution to it and that is the idea behind this project.”

On the project, the CG noted that the meeting will develop a framework for the director-generals to consider.
He said experts were expected to develop a roadmap and a concept on security.

The Nation also reports that a representative of the Global Initiative against Transnational Organised Crime, Mark Shaw, said the meeting was important because of changes in the global environment.

He said the meeting was necessary to address challenges facing the globe.

Source: The Nation

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