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Dangote To Launch World’s Largest Single Refinery In Nigeria

The Dangote refinery which is currently under construction in Nigeria is set to be the largest single refinery in the world.

Management of Dangote Petrochemical Company has said the refinery would commence commercial operations at the beginning of 2018.

The refinery’s launch will make Nigeria self-sufficient in petroleum products refining and enable the country to become a major exporter of such products.

The refinery initially designed to handle 450,000 barrels per day has been expanded to refine 600,000 barrels a day which it comes on stream early 2018.

Madhav Kelkar, senior general manager, Civil/Structural of Dangote Oil Refinery Ltd, said that the entire project construction and engineering would be concluded by 2017.

The refinery will produce gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel/ household kerosene, slurry as raw material for carbon black, as well as 650,000 mtpa of polypropylene.

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