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The Dark Agents of Real Estate Business

Don’t be easily fooled by plenty talks, not every real estate agent or developer goes into the business of real estate having their client’s best interest at heart. This article turns searchlights on the dark agents of real estate business

Real estate transactions involve the leasing, renting, buying or selling of property and is viewed as a very profitable venture.

Unfortunately, scams and frauds are a common feature within the sector. This is largely due to the fact that most people are not knowledgeable or versatile about real estate transactions and often require the help of a third party.

They trust the third party to do justice to their investments and fail to conduct proper and adequate due diligence themselves.

Also, another reason people get conned is when they want to cash in on an ‘opportunity of a lifetime’ and are quick to invest in what is probably a hoax from the dark agents of real estate which once again pinpoints the fact that due diligence is important.

There are exceptions to every rule, albeit for some real estate agents and developers nothing else matters but the money they will get from you.

In fact, there are impostors everywhere, being a nice guy, with great looks an awesome personality with an unwavering command of English, and maybe with a great web domain doesn’t mean there isn’t a dark side to that ‘nice guy’ real estate agent or developer.

Unfortunately, style never makes up for quality. Like they say, all gold glitters but not all that glitters is gold.

Some many people have been defrauded because they fell for first impressions and before they could see the handwriting on the wall the wall had vanished.

What am I saying in essence? There are people on the dark side of real estate who will never bring you to light in your interactions with them. Invariably the clients who request their services will never get value from them because the only person they are interested in is themselves.

Those are the people who give the business of real estate a bad reputation, These people can rent out an apartment they know nothing of and even sell properties they have no stake in with fake titles.

Omoniles are specialist in this regard and make up a good number of the dark agents of the real estate business when it comes to the sale of land you have no claim on.

The dark agents of the business are in business specifically because they think real estate is the fastest way to opulence and not for the value they are bringing because there’s actually none to give.

In fact for these ones, real estate is a side gig!

Just because someone referred you to a real estate agent doesn’t mean the job is done. You still need to do your own homework and gain your own trust in the person, but that doesn’t mean referral isn’t key!

You must at least get the feeling that the real estate agent understands what the transaction means to you especially for those looking at buying real estate.

If a real estate agent doesn’t come to the full understanding of the fact that you’re in the middle of what could as well be one of the biggest transactions of your life, then that is an obvious red flag.

It’s either he doesn’t understand the business he’s into or he’s not even into the business to start with.

If your agent can’t answer some frequently asked questions with confidence on your quest to becoming a landlord, then you may have to seek someone else’s services to avoid you walking the dark path with an unscrupulous real estate agent

Bottom line: In as much that there are good and very reliable real estate agents out there, there are also shady ones and when it comes to the purchase or sale of real estate, you can’t be too careful


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