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Do you have a right to pluck from a tree planted by your landlord?

I asked a colleague in the office how he fairs with his landlord (awkward question you will say…LOL) and the response to that question, which came in form of a story, erupted both deductive and inductive argument.

The gist goes thus:

My colleague resides in a twin duplex apartment whereby his landlord occupies one and him the other. The twin duplex has different entrance and a small gate in between. According to him, there are two coconut trees planted by his landlord on both sides of the compound. One on the landlord’s end, and another on the tenant’s end.

He plucked one ripe coconut from the tree on his own end and shared with his family and even the gateman only for him to find out the landlord warned the gateman not to allow anyone near the coconut tree ever again without his permission.”


As expected, some were in support of the landlord while other supported the tenant.

A lady said the tenant was wrong for plucking the fruit without express permission from the landlord while some said there was nothing wrong.

Another was of the opinion that if the landlord gave a prior warning not to touch the fruit, then the tenant was wrong, but if he did not, then no one is to blame.

Another lady was of the opinion that the tenant, regardless of the huge amount of money paid in Lagos state for a duplex, he rented a house not the fruit or tree. Thereby, have no right whatsoever on the plants in the compound.

The argument went on and on, so we decided to bring this to the hub and shelterMatters

So what do you think?


Do you think you have the right as a tenant to harvest whatever form of fruit cultivated by your landlord/landlady in the compound?



  1. My landlord has no right from eating from a tree because he planted it. Just as he enjoys certain rights and privileges from the government because he is a tax payer, I also deserve some fruit-eating because I am a rent payer. Mbok, don’t even tell me it is wrong.

  2. It’s in unfortunate countries like Nigeria that customers are treated like slaves by service providers. A landlord is a service provider and the tenant is the customer and as the saying goes: “the customer is always right”.
    Let’s note also that people rent accommodation spaces so whatever items, plants and structures on these spaces are either assets or liabilities to the tenant.
    It’s best that when signing rental legal papers, the spaces being rented are all specified and any caveats such as boundaries as regards taking fruits from trees are specified and accepted by the tenant otherwise the tenant has done no wrong in eating of the fruit of a tree in his rented space.

  3. Oyenuga Gbonjubola Olukemi

    I don’t think there is any problem about this. I don’t live stay permanently in my house but I av a tenant living there. When my coconut brought out its fruits, he called me, I only told him since he is d one residing there, they shd eat it.
    What do you have that won’t finished except the glory of God.

  4. u dont have the right what about if is a chicken will u catch it to eat

  5. Since i am paying heavily for the rent of the Duplex, i am as well paying for everything in the compound.

  6. yes I have the right as a tenant to harvest whatever form of fruit cultivated by my landlord/landlady in the compound. It depends on the relationship between the tenant and the landlord/landlady

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