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Does Having A Property In Dubai Make You Corrupt?

Does Having A Property In Dubai Make You Corrupt?

On the 19th of January 2016, Nigeria was greeted with the news of President Muhammadu Buahri signing agreements with United Arab Emirate (UAE) to enhance bilateral agreements between them. These agreements were reported to have been geared towards fighting corruption, thereby recovering Nigeria’s stolen funds and assets.

Since the inception of the present Buhari led administration, the government has not failed to beat the drum of war against corruption to whoever cares to listen. Though some are of the opinion that this war against corruption has been one sided as it seems to only affect people from the opposition party, the ruling party has held that the fight against corruption has nothing to do with political party as this is the time for change and change is what Nigeria will have, especially cutting corruption down to a minimal.

According to Sahara reporter, UAE has released a list of Nigeria politicians who own houses and businesses in Dubai and this has raised another cause of debate for activists, social media commentators, media and the citizens in general.

On shelter matters today we’d want to have your opinion on the situation of things in the country as it stands.

Does having a property in Dubai make you corrupt?

Do you think our politicians can afford such properties with the type of humungous portfolios attached to their offices without necessarily being corrupt?

Do you also think this names still tints towards the general public reservations in terms of the corruption battle being against the oppositions of the government?

Please share your view with us by using the comment section or the hashtag – #sheltermatters on Twitter and facebook.

Lets hear from you.


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