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earth tremor

Earth tremor hits Abuja again

The Nigerian Geological Survey Agency on Thursday said a earth tremor of 3.0 Mercalli Intensity Scale occurred around the Maitama axis in Abuja at about 12.26pm.

This is the second time earth tremor is being reported within the precincts of the Maitama in about two months.

On September 6, residents of Mpape off Maitama district of Abuja were in panic over what they described as ‘ground vibration’.

A resident of the area, Oladimeji Folorunsho who in response to the development said that tension mounted around the area with an unusual occurrence which started at about 3 PM. on September 5 persisted till 10 PM. that day.

According to him, most residents had fled their homes in fear that there may be a landslide

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He said that buildings experienced severe vibration that no one could afford to remain indoors.

Folurunsho added that they had thought it was an explosion or blast from a construction site, but their investigations from some construction workers proved that wrong.

Credit: The street Journal

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