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Estate surveyors boss dies delivering speech at ICPC

Mr. Olayinka Sonaike, the Chairman, Estate Surveyors and Valuers Registration Board of Nigeria, on Tuesday, slumped and died as he readied himself to deliver a lecture at a public event in Abuja.

The 74-year-old surveyor, one of the resource persons invited by the ICPC to speak at a one-day colloquium died while delivering his speech at the headquarters of the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission.

The deceased was scheduled to speak at the afternoon session after the acting Chairman of the ICPC, Mr. Bako Abdullahi; the Secretary, Dr. Musa Usman, the Head of Department, Education (ICPC), Mohammed Baba; and the President and Chairman of Council, Nigerian Institute of Management, Prof Munazali Jibril, delivered their speeches at the morning session.

However, at about 1 pm, when Sonaike was to make his presentation, he picked up the microphone and was still flipping through the pages of his paper when he slumped.

One of the participants who witnessed the incident said, “Around 1 pm, Mr. Sonaike who was made the chairman of the session because he was the first to arrive at the venue, was about to make his presentation when he slumped.

“Of course we all ran towards him and started pouring water on his face in a bid to revive him but he did not respond.

“The nurses at the ICPC sickbay were immediately alerted and they administered first aid but he was still not responding. He was conveyed unto a vehicle and rushed to Limi Hospital which is located in the next compound.

“Less than an hour later, the ICPC acting chairman and other senior employees of the commission went to the hospital to see how he was doing but he was certified dead.”

Mrs. Rasheedat Okoduwa, the spokesperson for the anti-corruption agency confirmed the incident.

She said, “It is true that someone died while delivering his presentation at our event. He was rushed to the hospital where he died.”

The late Sonaike was appointed the chairman of the board in March 2017.


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