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If you were to be given a house as a gift, which location would you choose?

If you were to be given a house as a gift, which location would you choose?

For a realtor or an individual who wants to venture into property investment, you need to take cognisance of the location.

Location is a very crucial aspect of a property investment one needs to do feasibility studies on before venturing into it.

Hence, we decided to do a survey in other to hear people’s opinion(s) about locations that interest them if they have the opportunity of getting a house as a gift and they are asked to choose a location.

Surprisingly, we found out some people are not even interested in living in Lagos state which is supposed to be the centre of excellence; a city where boys become men. They would rather willingly move down to the rural areas than stay in the city.

Some persons are however interested in moving from the island to the mainland. The major thing is to find comfort and happiness in your abode.

This survey will help you decide the locations you should invest your properties in if you desire to get value for your money.

Here are the responses below.

Bibitayo said Alagbaka in Akure. He disclosed that the location is a very good place to start a family

Vasily said Okitipupa in Ondo State

Dennis said Daura in Katsina

Akinbode said Abeokuta. He expressed his love for the city.

Arobo said Calabar because it’s a very beautiful city

Olanrewaju said Kolapo Ishola, Akobo Ibadan. He further informed us that it’s a location for big men in Ibadan

Fawole said Ede Road in Ile Ife

Olunuga said VGC

Ciana said any good area with constant electricity in Ibadan. Her reply gave us a hint that some people don’t like changing environment because of friends.

Adedoyin said Gwarinpa in Abuja

Others chose some popular locations on the Island like Ikoyi, Banana Island, Aja etc

A lot of people however won’t mind a house outside Nigeria if their Godsend is willing to give them the privilege.

I hope you have learnt something from these?

Feel free to share your views.

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