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how to sell properties

How to sell properties and earn up to 12million in 12 months

Do you know how to sell properties? Do you also presently have some spare time on your hands? Are you open to the possibility of making up to N12,000,000 in 12 months as commission from sale of properties and other real estate products & services? Then you are the person We are looking for.

 It will cost you NOTHING to join the team now, get coached even if you know next to nothing about Real Estate. You will learn how to sell properties and start making money A.S.A.P

My name is ‘Debo Adejana and I am a Real Estate Entrepreneur, at least that is what I like to call myself. The reason is simple. I do a number of things under the real estate umbrella. I teach people how to sell properties, and I also sell properties and other real estate products and services. I have done this for over 12years straight and nothing else since I left a good and equally rewarding banking career in 2004.

Now, we are putting a team of result oriented SALES CRACK TEAM together to work with and guide. If you work but can spare some time or you have all your time to yourself presently and looking at where to invest it meaningfully, this is for you. You can be based anywhere in the world and work with us, as long as you know how to sell properties. It will cost you no money to join and will make you tones of money but ONLY serious minded, result oriented people can survive the path to success. It is not magical and the miracle you will experience in this scheme is the favour that finds one at their duty post.

  • I can show you how to get started in this real estate sales business by the start of next week.
  • Give you proof of how ordinary people just like you without special skills or qualifications are making hundreds of thousands and millions doing this
  • Show you how you can do the same or much more if you join now.

To sign up please click here and fill the form bit.ly/risa2018

I or someone in my team should be reaching you in not more than a week after we get your form.

I am looking forward to having you join our N12,000,000 per annum real estate sales and agency by-the-side income gig.

The system we run will provide you genuine and verified properties and real estate products & service to sell. Meaning that we have variety and continuous supply of what to market and you will never be short of what to sell.  Train, show and mentor you on how, where and whom to sell to, give you a system to administer your selling process online from anywhere in the world and have your rewards/commission paid straight into your wallet/Bank Account as per your instruction.

All you need do for us is…

Spread The Good News

And you can be on your way to earning millions.

Join now here bit.ly/risa2018

Many Smart People Like You Who Want To Get Started In Real Estate Without Risking Their Money Will Want To Jump In On This Opportunity

Truth is, thousands of people will like to join us.

While we would like every interested person to join, we do be absolutely swamped with lots of work trying to process every application.

So we’re capping the applications to only a handful per time. If you want to get in now and not miss out, fill the form here and now bit.ly/risa2018


To your success!

‘Debo Adejana.

MD/CEO, Realty Point Limited

The Sack Your Landlord!TM  people

P.S. Remember we’re capping applications to this programme and will only open slots periodically. Fill the form here now: bit.ly/risa2018 If you snooze, you lose. I am waiting to assist you. Get on it now.


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  1. Educative. Keep it up. Well appreciated.

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