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Imo Loses Federal Dam To Weeds And Wild Animals

Weeds and Wild animals have taken possession of the Federal Dam in Imo state  following its neglect by the government over the years. Hence, the people who live within the vicinity of the abandoned dam have cried out for help.

Inyishi people in Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo State, have solicited help from the Federal Government over the “abandoned” federal dam built in their community, even as weeds and wild animals have taken possession of the area.

The traditional ruler of the host community, Eze Andrew Osuji, who spoke when he conducted journalists around the abandoned dam, said that “Non-completion” of the project has brought myriad of sad stories to them, just as he said that the project’s location had laid fallow for over 10 years.

Osuji regretted that, if the project which cut across 18 communities had been completed, it would have contributed so much in the development of the area. He said, “The purpose of the project, is to build standard irrigation farm, grow aquatic animals and provide good drinking water for over 18 communities.

Let me tell you, if completed, this project will generate employment opportunity and engage so many of our young people.” Continuing, he alleged that, they have lost some of their members from the community as a result of the attacks from the dreaded animals living within the area, saying, “it is very painful to see the amount of money which the Federal Government invested in this project, yet it is not functional and now we are the people suffering it.

We have expected so many things from this project and all our hopes have been dashed. Instead, what we see now is a situation where wild animals have take over the area and kill our people, any time they come around to swim or wash their cloths including our domestic animals when they come around for grazing.

“This project was awarded to Anambra/Imo River Basin Authority and subleted to Umez Construction company” He added that, the abandonment did not only reduce the value of the work done so far but has damaged equipment in the area, adding that the river which he called Mbaa River was the only source of their drinking water before the project commenced. “But at the moment the water has been polluted and the fishing business disappeared in the area,” he lamented.

Source: Vanguard

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