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Investing in Real Estate

Maximum Return Guaranteed on Your Investment

Investing in real estate is one of the most lucrative businesses you can do in Nigeria that guarantee returns on your investment.

The first step to get started is to clearly define how, when, why, where to enter the real estate world as an investor.

Then find a proven real estate investment expert that can mentor you to success.

When you follow the aforementioned procedure, you are assured of making much money that promises you and your generations after quality life. For better understanding, let me elaborate on the how, when, where of succeeding when you areinvesting in real estate business.

How? There are three options to start investing in real estate business.

The first option, you may decide to learn how it works so you can directly manage and control your investment.

This option is better for you if you have the time and the ready cash to set up the business.

You could decide to be what I will call a local champion, buying lands or building houses at the community level, or a national champion, where you have lands or houses virtually in most cities in Nigeria.

You have the choice of holding on to the lands you purchase and selling when it appreciates or building the house and renting it out to tenants.

It is highly recommended that you buy lands outside Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano and other major cities, since such lands may be cheaper and affordable.

There are proven records that these lands can earn you 100% profit in between 18 to 24 months. Especially areas at the borders of the notable states and commercial settlements.

When you have the money to invest and you do not have the time to put in the business, you may join a real estate investment clubs, co-operatives, etc.

But, where the money is not available, you may apply to become an independent marketer to one of the credible real estate company in the country.

For example, you can join PAPEP (Prime Assets People Empowerment Program) which gives people the opportunity to make money marketing real estate.

When? The best time to invest in real estate is now because it appreciates every day. The money you keep in banks keeps depreciating and loses value over time against inflation, exchange rate, etc.

Why? Since the capital market crashed some years ago and the shares of some companies fell like packs of cards, the other sectors of the economy were affected and most Nigerians lost confidence in the investment initiatives.

However, the real estate sector though not totally insulated against the happenings, it is still better off among the pack.

What is the way out? As someone who worked in the banking industry for some years and now managing a multi million naira real estate company, I will suggest investing in real estate business.

We have proven records of helping many Nigerians investing in real estate business to earn good returns from their investment.

Another factor why you should consider investing in real estate is because of the huge demand for accommodation in the urban area and its environs coupled with the scarcity of commercial and residential properties.

This development has led to the appreciation of land and properties, thus making real estate investment lucrative.

I usually say we have it on record that 2 people use to occupy the whole earth that almost 7billion people now occupy.

There can’t be a more classic recipe for bumper profit than an industry where you have static supply against geometrically increasing demand.

Where? It make a great sense for a beginner with little funds to invest in lands and property that are in developing environment such as Epe, Ikorodu, Ibafo, Mowe, Badagry, etc.

You can buy land in these locations and resell it after it has appreciated.

I was told the story of an investor who got people to invest in plots of land in Mowe in 2003 for N250,000 per plot all documentation cost inclusive and same place was going for N5million per plot as at 2010.

That’s 1,900% increase in 7years. How many sectors can march that on a consistent basis?

In summary, get a mentor to guide you to success in real estate investment.

As it is in any other sectors, making money in the real estate business is determined basically by the forces of demand and supply, location, how much funds have been invested etc.

To your success!

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