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Investment: Would you rather choose a N25m house over a N35m car?

Your choice of investment can make or mar your future. You see a young man in his early thirties without any profitable investment living lavishly with reckless abandon. The sad part is that when you ask such a man what he wishes to have at the moment if given freely, there is a 50% chance he would go for a car.

In this survey, we deduced that a lot of our youths have started making great investment choices. Maybe because we added a little clause to the question which is, none of the items can be sold. We got quite a number of funny reactions.

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Wale said ”Before nko? I will pick a house.
“What’s the essence of cruising in a 35million naira car while staying in the ghetto”.

Kaku said, he would like to have the two. Lol. Who wouldn’t? But, that is not the case in this scenario.

Busari said “House ni o. Landed properties appreciate on a per second basis. Cars, however, depreciates on a milli-second basis because of the “new models being released. Besides, the risks attached to a car is too high

Kuti said “Am I mad?”

“35million naira car is not going to carry me to heaven. Lailai. Not now abegi. When I can successfully be the lazy Nigerian youth with a landed property and then I will be in the post of a landlord that deserves so many Accolades”

Majority of the people we spoke with chose to go with a house. That brought about Tolulope’s opinion. she said, “since everybody is choosing the house, let me just settle for the car to avoid spiritual and physical attack”.

Oluwapelumi said ”If you make it a bus, I would go with that but since it’s a car, let me go find out about Uber services. If it’s so profitable, give me the car. Work begins. I’m not lazy”

Rebirth said “House is a capital property. It doesn’t depreciate”

It’s a sine qua non that housing is an investment that appreciates. Won’t you rather make a choice now and start investing in yours?

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