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Can one man truly own all those billion naira properties?

Is he Nigeria’s biggest landlord?

Can one man truly own all those billion naira properties?

Can one man truly own all those billion naira properties?

As a kid growing up in the suburbs of Festac, I heard a story of a man that was said to be the biggest landlord in Nigeria. “What was that his pompous name, again?”… Yeah, Alhaji Ismaila Erukujeje; that was what he was known by. My Dad once told me that he deserted his mansion to another of his numerous state-of-the-art properties which was another mansion, because he saw a cockroach in his house. In fact he gave out that particular property to a beggar on his street, “A mansion! To a beggar because of a roach?” (No be me talk am oh, na my popsman and I can’t even tell you to go ask him; he’s late). The fortunate beggar who was crippled though,(just to be sure you are not wishing you were the beggar or considering alms begging as a part time job) must have been in seventh heaven when this rare thought-disrupting goodwill of Alhaji Erukujeje reached his frontiers. Now, I’m wondering how true that story was then. Wait a minute! how come I don’t hear that name anymore or any reference to the story? Or was Ismaila Erukujeje a pseudo-name? Was his real name Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu; who used that pseudo-name just like the properties he’s been alleged to own?


The recent airing of a controversial documentary by the African Independent Television(AIT) ; the biggest subsidiary of Daar Communicaions Limited owned by Dr. Raymond Dokpesi, has elicited the fury of former Lagos state Governor, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

AIT which has arguably turned out to be PDP’s biggest media tool in its attack of the opposition party, have been issued a law suit threat letter over the extremely libelous one-hour documentary, according to the petition written to the NBC by Tinubu’s solicitor, Mr Tunde Abayomi, alleging that the Awo-like goggle wearing Business magnate, illicitly acquired and owned the following choice properties; Oriental Hotel, Falomo Shopping Complex, First Nation Airline, Private Jet, Lekki Concession Company, Apapa Amusement Park, the Renaissance Hotel, the Radio Continental, the TV Continental, the Nation Newspaper, Ikeja Shopping Mall, Alpha Beta (IGR collectors), ownership of Tejuoso Market, School of Nursing & NNPC buildings, N4B property located at the Queens Drive, Lagos and other choice properties worth billions of naira located within and beyond Lagos State(faints). Doesn’t that sound like a quarter of Lagos, already? “Oh, how can? Lagos is not that small.” Pardon me! , no not me! Pardon my maths, we were never allies, In fact I’m estranged from the ‘niccur’. Back to the AIT ‘I too sabi documentary piece,’ was that even a piece? That documentary should suffix for a feature length movie. Won’t be surprised if it starts airing in the cinemas soon especially the silverbird cinemas with domain in the 14 billion naira Ikeja city mall, one of the alleged properties of the APC chieftain, that’s how brave the AIT patriots could be.

If this bizarre allegation is proven beyond all reasonable doubt then it should make the National leader of PDP’s biggest nemesis, Nigeria’s biggest landlord.

Then there will be questions to answer; Senator Tinubu will have to explain in black and white to Lagosians and Nigerians at large, how a man who was governor for eight years with fixed salary and allowances could have acquired so much money to buy almost everything in Lagos.

“Abeg how many property Dangote get sef?” story for the gods!

Could AIT’s decision to air the documentary at a sensitive time as this, be politically induced?

How true is this profound allegation?

AIT’s listing of those billion naira properties is highly suspect. What is the motivation here? The dude is not running for any political office warranting panoptic attention to his Real estate investments
Can one man really own all that?

AIT reveals that the documentary was sponsored but refused to name their sponsors yet they could list the properties (abi when sponsors begin dey hide their identity, no be their money dem spend?).

I know what you are not saying but it definitely couldn’t have been FFK. Femi will prefer to do the documentary himself than contact AIT to run it. Him plenty talk sef pass documentary.

Is Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu a saint or a ruthless villain?

Do you agree that he is Nigeria’s biggest landlord as alleged?

If these allegations are the mere works of Senator Tinubu’s detractors then it is “utterly absurd, disrespectful of media responsibility, ethically abusive, malicious and unbecoming of a public institution raised into prominence by shareholders’ funds” in the words of the APC chieftain.

Well, my own concern is that; I don’t want to wake up one day and discover to my utmost chagrin that the whole of Lagos state including the unventilated mini flat that I rented and my troublesome landlady’s entire estate has been sold to Alhaji Erukujeje; the biggest Nigerian Landlord of my Childhood fantasies though I don’t care what happens to the latter.

Eko oni baje ooooooooo!


  1. Tinubu is enslaving every property owner in lagos through alpha beta consulting firm..I pray APC will lose lagos to the opposition party . enough is enough .this madness must be stopped now.

  2. Will we wake up one day to realize that Tinubu has bought the whole of Lagos? time will tell.

  3. I remember the name ‘erukujeje’ in the 80s. Tinubu has gone beyond that in Lagos. What will be left to children of people who are not Tinubu’s relatives is better left to our imaginations.

  4. This man remains a cat with nine lives. As much as we all know that he has a lot of investments in Lagos, no one really cares…except PDP.

  5. Jagaban of life. i doff my hat for this man.

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