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Is it right to have religious centers in residential areas?

Noise pollution or noise disturbance according to wiki is the disturbing or excessive noise that may harm the activity or balance of human or animal life. The source of most outdoor noise worldwide is mainly caused by machines and transportation systems, motor vehicles, aircraft, and trains. However, in Nigeria, churches and Mosques are higher source of outdoor noise.

The sound which exhumes from their Mega speakers can be really deafening. Sometimes, you can just sit in your house and join the service, thinking sleep doesn’t even come close when they have their vigils.

In the year 2010, Lagos State Government banned religious organizations in the state from using loud speakers outside the churches during their services as a result of the noise pollution they caused.

The then Special Assistant to the Governor on Christian Religious Matters, Rev. Sam Ogedengbe directed all religious leaders to ensure the removal of all speakers mounted outside the main auditorium of their religious houses. Looking at where we are now 5years down the line, have these measures really worked?

Nigeria Real Estate Hub correspondent got people’s opinion on this. Some were bitter, some were indifferent and some suggested solutions.

Read few below:

Oyin – They disturb a lot. They are not meant to be in residential area and if they must be, they shouldn’t put their speakers outside

Olumide – They are supposed to be centralize in an area so that whatever noise they make will not disturb people.

Taoheed – It is not about how many churches or mosque we have, is about how organized they are. They need to have internal speakers. I think there should be a policy.

William – I think religious houses constitute a nuisance in residential area because they produce noise and attract nonresidents which can pose as security and congestion problem.

Architect Dayo – Is a planning standard to have it in any layout of any residential development. School, church, mosque, playground, shopping mall, etc. and not the conversion of a residential house for churches. In such plan an area is created for religious gathering whereby the structures are also built to a proper sound proof standard.

Ayo – well for me, religious houses in residential areas have both good and bad side. For Christians, most churches being built in recent years have sound proof walls and there will be no noise pollution generated. So it is not a problem to have such churches in residential area, except for the old churches with loud speakers outside. Those churches should not be allowed in residential areas. For Muslims, I think its part of their religion to shout out loud for everyone to hear. Personally, I think mosque in residential areas causes noise pollution.

Noise pollution is still a problem. Tell us what you think. Use the comment box or join us by 3pm on our various social media platforms to discuss this with the hashtag #ShelterMatters

Is it really right for religious centres to be situated in and clustered around residential areas?

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Kenneth Benjamin

    I strongly think that the federal government should put a checkmative law to ensure that this churches are removed from residential areas, my street has about 6 churches and what does that mean in Christianity…gosh…

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