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Kitchen Designs

Top 10 Kitchen Designs For Your Homes

Some persons might not agree with me if I were to say the kitchen is the most important room amongst rooms that exist in a home, albeit I may not be so far away from the truth. I mean, the kitchen is where ingredients that turn boys to men and girls to ladies are forged. In this article we take a look at the top 10 Kitchen designs for your home

They say the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. Invariably we all know that what that simply means is a good cook would find favour of whatever form in the sight of a man.

Therefore, if food draws a woman close to a man’s heart, then the room where food is prepared should be the heart of the home, right? Whether small or large, even if it’s just a small portion where a stove is placed, the kitchen is the hub of the home.

It is where the meals are created – it fuels the bodies, minds and souls of friends and families all over the world. Some say that while life may be created in the bedroom, it is certainly lived in the kitchen. Some tend to agree while others not so much.

Having said that, a lot of people are guilty of neglecting the kitchen and beautifying or styling every other part of the house because they believe the Kitchen is only carved out just to cook food, only few know and realise the essence of beautifying their kitchen.

Here are top 10 Kitchen designs you may want to adopt for that new-look Kitchen.



Interior decorators and designers will recreate your love for the old design by creating classic looks and incorporating vintage appliances, fireplaces, timber, stone and brick. The rustic appearance will be exemplified by beautiful flooring and table / counter tops.

The characteristic brown colour that is common for rustic designs is timeless and makes the most calming kitchen atmospheres. The kitchen island can be adorned with bar stools that tend to add character and save on dining space.


Incorporate sleek and simple designs of cabinets and other kitchen hardware. Ornamentation is always minimal but there is aggressive use of strong horizontal lines along the kitchen island, the cabinets’ designs and all other hardware.


They are defined by eye-catching designs and patterns. Arches, beam ceilings, framed and raised panel cabinets, chandeliers, moldings and island legs incorporate traditional kitchen designs. Dark wooden panels and architectural details like pilasters on the island, or furniture toe kick can be added.


This is a warm kitchen design that lies in between the contemporary and the traditional style. They are great for people with tastes that lie between the traditional styles and the contemporary style because they tend to be well harmonised.


This is a warm kitchen design that lies in between the contemporary and the traditional style. They are great for people with tastes that lie between the traditional styles and the contemporary style because they tend to be well harmonised.


The sleek design of a contemporary kitchen is desirable, always changing and is mainly characterised by cutting-edge technology and newer trends. Different patterns, inlays and a wide array of colours are incorporated to add character and define the contemporary design.

The backsplash designs also vary and the accessories used are fashionable. The shift in shapes and sizes of furniture and accessories like barstools increase the interior appearance of the kitchens.


This style is cozy and reflects easiness. Use of soft colours, vintage hardware, wood floors and colourful accents and curtains create comfortable atmospheres in cottage kitchens.


They incorporate simple architectural details, white or off-white cabinets and black accents. These can be personalised with contemporary, eclectic, or traditional touches.


Eclectic-styled kitchens are for rebels. If you refuse the norm, then this is your style. You can mix and match designs and accessories creating your own distinct kitchen design.


These kitchen designs are comfortable and highly functional because of the open shelving, wide sinks, and the big kitchen table. The doorless cabinets makes access to utensils and dishware easy. They are warm and the classic flooring is used to dissipate the heat.

You may also use black and white checkered tiles to make it more stylish, pitchers, pottery or old-fashioned lighting can be used to add to the nostalgia. Add a few chairs or bar stools to make the kitchen comfortable for all.



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