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Toyota bus stop

Lagos residents urge FG to construct pedestrian bridge at Toyota Bus stop

Traders at Ladipo Market in Lagos have appealed to Lagos State government to construct pedestrian bridge at Toyota Bus Stop to put an end incessant loss of lives and traffic snarl often caused by huge pedestrians crossing Oshodi/Apapa Expressway.
Every morning and evening, pedestrians, especially traders at the popular Ladipo market have to cross the dual carriage express road and are always at the mercy of motorists coming from Oshodi en-route Mile 2, who have to stop from time to time for large number of pedestrians to cross.

Many times, this would build up vehicular traffic that would stretch backward from Toyota to DHL axis and beyond.

Pedestrians are often at the mercy of drivers who most times drive recklessly since there are no traffic officials to checkmate them.

Pedestrians at the Toyota bus stop are mainly Traders in Spare parts who have their shops at Ladipo-Odo, Mushin.

Without gainsaying, the volume of pedestrians occasioned by these shop owners coupled with that of workers in the axis is enough to site a pedestrian bridge at the bus stop.

A civil servant, Aremu Edun who was a victim of an accident on the road shared his experience.

“On the day in question, I crossed from the side of vehicles coming from Oshodi to Mile 2 and by God’s grace had a successful crossing. I was now facing Apapa, walking towards the bus stop, for me to cross to the service lane with a view to walking to my office. I did not have to worry about vehicles coming from behind since I was facing the vehicles coming from Apapa.

“However, suddenly, I was hit from behind, fell down and got the bone of my shoulders dislocated. I was in excruciating pains. What led to that was that the driver wanted to go to Airport road, but missed the road and was reversing to come back to take the normal route without actually looking back very well. I was not expecting any vehicle.

Sympathisers apprehended the driver who took me to my office, but in the process of making arrangement to take to the hospital, he bolted and ran away. I was taken to my company’s hospital and before my arm could be put back, I was sedated.

“Of course, if there was a pedestrian bridge, I would not have been a victim of such accident.

Credit: Guardian

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